Andrea Anton: Rinascere


New designers are a bit unpredictable. You can not know what will be happen to a person who is releasing her first collection, but in the case of Andrea Anton the result was that one would expect from a long established professional. And a good one, because shooting her first collection was fabulous. Mostly. Clothes are great and it was extremely simple to adapt them to Lidia Gonzalez Regolf, who posed brilliantly, and the result was good. The session itself, with 35ºC in Valencia was, so to speak, less than comfortable.

Andrea Anton: Rinascere

Andrea is from Xàtiva and studied in Barreira, probably the best fashion school in Valencia and, probably one of the most important in Spain. I was taking pictures in the parade, but the idea above all was to create a lookbook with the collection, called Rinascere, showing an evolution of feelings after a breakup: from a moment of total darkness, surrounded by a Gothic theme, to transition moments until an irrepressible joy and happiness, everything supported by both the color range as floral accessories.

If we are not going to be so discreet, it was a bit hellish. If it had not been because we were all very committed to ensure that all work was perfect n each detail, it could have been a disaster. Too hot, hard work, many tests and many details.

But the clothes were excellent, spectacular complements, the ideas that we had planned worked perfectly and Lidia is a prodigy. She does not only look great but her attitude is outstanding: positive, cheerful and tireless. I like to clarify this because many models visit this blog looking for information and advice, and almost never write how much a good attitude contributes to the workflow.

Smiling, being nice and maintaining that tone throughout not always influence each photo session, but on the feelings of the team. If the session is short, nothing happens, but if you have to spend many hours the effect is multiplied.

Lidia González Regolf,Andrea Antón:Rinascere, Archerphoto, fotografía moda

Lidia González Regolf,Andrea Antón:Rinascere, Archerphoto, fotografía moda en Valencia

Lidia González Regolf,Andrea Antón:Rinascere, Archerphoto, fashion photography in Spain,Andrea Anton Rinascere

Lidia González Regolf,Andrea Antón:Rinascere, Archerphoto, fotografía moda

Lidia González Regolf,Andrea Antón:Rinascere, Archerphoto, fotografía moda

Lidia González Regolf,Andrea Antón:Rinascere, Archerphoto, fotografía moda

Lidia González Regolf,Andrea Antón:Rinascere, Archerphoto, fotografía moda, Andrea Anton Rinascere

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Gamergy 2016, eSports in Madrid

Last weekend (24, 25 and 26 June) was held Gamergy 2016. This is an eSports event held in Madrid, Spain. Particularly in IFEMA. Electronic Sports – eSports – are growing much too fast. Events are becoming ever more spectacular: the competition is becoming much audience who behaves with increasing enthusiasm. It was worth uploading some photos, including some players of Valencia CF eSports, the first football club in Spain which launches its eSports division, starting with a Hearthstone team (The Fallen, Evangelion, Nara and Josemi_HS), they are planning a Rocket League team and is rumored to be major news soon. However, the adaptation of eSports to sport has been faster in the more negative aspects: the number of gossip, lies, hoaxes and inventions displayed per second is spectacular. This has not been an exception in Gamergy 2016.

Priority for League of Legends

Gamergy attention was focuesd in LoL, League of Legends, for which a quite spectacular stadium was mounted. Not very big, but quite interesting. It was filled to the brim already in the semifinals, and just the same in the final match. The rest of the eSports was not given much ground but the general atmosphere was very positive. FIFA 16, Call of Duty, Clash Royale, Street Fighter, and even a section of retro games. An oasis for gamers and curious and interesting number of cosplayers, who had a stage mounted for your photos. Also some demonstrations of virtual reality booths and shops, as in any similar event.


Gamergy 2016,LOL

Gamergy 2016

Gamergy 2016

Gamergy 2016,cosplay

Gamergy 2016,cosplay

Gamergy 2016,cosplay

Gamergy 2016,League of Legends,LOL

Gamergy 2016,eSports

Gamergy 2016

Gamergy 2016,gaming

If you don’t have enough photos in you will find more of my Gamergy 2016 pics.

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Photography for Business: Jale castanets

It’s no wonder taking pictures of things I had ever thought. In this case I had to take pictures of one of only three companies in Spain that still produce castanets.

Photography for Business: Jale castanets

The manufacturing process is interesting, but my task was  taking pictures of the final product, not how they work, which is a traditional process in which each piece it is reviewed one by one each before being  sent to the clients.

I did some pictures for their web catalog ( However mostly I was producing some images in a more attractive, more creative profile, which are intented to illustrate the contents that appear on their blog. Inbound marketing, you know. In general, it is much more fun to work on that line than in the system catalog, which is a technically demanding and arduous photography.
Photography for Business: Jale castanets

Photography for Business: Jale castanets

So, well, you had to play around with the light, texture and the most interesting aspects of the curves. It was essential to use lenses with maximum aperture to achieve a more artistic impression. At the end of the day, the castanets will be used by artists. It was not a purely technical issue, but involved an almost artistic profile. So in some of these pictures, I got carried away a bit. Some images were not really useful for what they needed, so I decided that would use them here. I hope you like it.

Meticulous attention to detail

In any case, the fact is that working with a company that provides such personal attention to their product was more interesting than expected. Personal concern that each piece fits what the end customer will find, especially in terms of color is outstanding, and reveals, of course, their interest for customer satisfaction.
Fotografía profesional: Castañuelas Jale 响板 캐스터네츠

Professional Photography: Jale castanets

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Casting tips

Casting tips from Elite Models!

When people from Elite Models tell casting tips it’s time to pay attention.

Casting tips

They recommend not to wear make-up, not to be lazy, get something to do while you’re waiting and not to be shy. And don’t hump. Well, it’s a bunch of things for such a brilliant short video. I just can thank them for being so precise.

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L. Mariola by Archerphoto, professional and Fashion photographer for portfolio
L. by Archerphoto, professional photographer for portfolio
Anna Kurika, actress, in her portfolio with Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain. Casting tips.
Anna Kurika, actress


Matti Ameli and Mar Ortiz, psychologists

Professional portraits are one of the most interesting jobs that can be performed by a photographer, because if you have a little curiosity, you can learn about people. In this case I was in the office of Matti Ameli and Mar Ortiz, psychologists in Valencia, who are right in Valencia downtown, less than twenty seconds walk from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. That is what I call to be well located.

Matti Ameli and Mar Ortiz, psychologists

But hey, the important fact is that each of them has more than fifteen years of experience in the fields of therapy and coaching, although each of them explained their own specialty technically on their websites:Matti Ameli has while Mar Ortiz has
Matti Ameli

In addition to their private practising, Mar and Matti will occasionally collaborate with me on the issue of photo shoots to improve self-esteem. How? Writing some articles related to the topic. It is very interesting to read the opinion of recognised and valued professionals like them, because they have an accurate perspective, guaranteed by their education and experience. It is a privilege for me to have their articles and I am sure that everyone will find them interesting.

Mar Ortiz

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A free documentary about Edward Weston

Edward Weston was a key figure to understand photography in America. One of the most celebrated and appreciated photographers with a certain influence about the artists who came afterwards, Weston dedicated about 40 years of his life to the camera.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, moved to California when he was 21 where practised a wide range of disciplines, basically  landscapes, still lifes, nudes and portraits. Weston is one of most appreciated artists in photography, especially in America, where he worked, dedicating his interest to common things and landscapes. These common elements became interesting and aesthetically powerful through the eyes of Weston. Pumpkins, peppers, seashells… They were inspiring Weston, like waiting for him to create art from the vulgar, the ordinary, and letting him grow as an artist.

Online resources:

Gallery online:


Edward Weston: the greatest American photographer of his generation?


Photographic experiments

Living among cameras have these things. I bought a lens I already knew it was broken for experiments. Well, also I had some old RAM out there, so all together, you put a little light and play a bit in Lightroom. And if you become fairly well, or so you think, then you can show it. It is not, is hidden on the hard drive if you think of something good to do with it. Or a bad thing, but something. The volume of photographic experiments there on my hard drives is remarkable, and occasionally take something for air.

Sometimes my experiments involve people, but often they have to be done with what I have on hand at home to try. In this case, the Samsung NX500, my beloved Minolta 58 1.2 and material I mentioned before: memory and a 135 Hanimex 2.8 for Nikon totally unusable.

In reality, even if it sounds much better thinking about it as photographic experiments, it is simply messing around. If you write a good cause, as talking about the importance of the next against the absurd and the unknown distance, for example, everything seems much more artistic and transcendent, but the truth is that would probably only cause widespread yawn. So I upload some pictures and that should be enough. If you like, you can share the post or comment.

Photographic experiments

photographic experiments

photographic experiments

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Francisco Segarra and N5

Despite not being an expert in gastronomy, here am I again uploading a post related to food. Specifically with N5 (depending where they are showing the name, Nº5, as a “Number 5”), a restaurant in Castellón (Spain) owned by Francisco Segarra, who also dealt with the great image of the restaurant. Africa Laguna and I went to N5 and shot some photos to both of our posts, hers has a bit of additional info about the company and some different pics and it can be read here:

Francisco Segarra and N5

Segarra produces, imports and distributes lots of vintage-looking furniture, especially designed for restaurants and shops. Besides furniture, the company develops complete decoration projects and as a photographer it was a real pleasure to spend a morning with him in his company’s facilities. I told him that many of his creations would fit very well in the Gotham TV series, which is recreating the atmosphere of the city for the young Bruce Wayne, who later became Batman. The TV series is also highly recommended from my humble point of view.

Returning to the subject of food, I took the classic burger which was fabulous, and Francisco recommended I try their Wine Burger, a specific wine to pair with this type of food. I was very pleasantly surprised, although, again, my views on the line gastronomy are so good – or as bad-as anyone.

IMG_6047_small - Hamburguesería N5 en Castellón

IMG_6060_small - Hamburguesería N5 en Castellón

IMG_6108_small - Hamburguesería N5 en Castellón

IMG_6114_small - Hamburguesería N5 en Castellón

Francisco Segarra y N5

Sergi Albir

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Competitions: Bikini Class 2015, Open Héctor Defez in Castellón, Spain

Bikini Class usually arouses more interest than any other in bodybuilding and fitness championships. It is actually the entry class for women, while men enter into Men’s Fashion or Physique. Or something like that because often classes are named a little different, not to mention that each organizer named as you want. Lately I’ve been to some championships, both AEFF (NAC) and IFBB, which are currently the two most powerful federations, at least in Spain.
In the higher classes, men and women they have more muscle, so there’s always discussions in the public on the tastes of each other on the amount of muscle and how much it motivates each each physical.
I have chosen this competition -the Hector Defez Open (IFBB), held on September 12th 2015 specifically for two reasons: because the level was much higher than that of a standard regional championship and because the winner got a photographic portfolio by me as a prize.

Bikini Class

Claudia Fernández, winner in Open Héctor Defez, in Castellón - Bikini Class
Claudia Fernández, winner in Open Héctor Defez, in Castellón – Bikini Class.
Mónica Santos, in Open Héctor Defez 2015, Bikini class, second place.
Mónica Santos, in Open Héctor Defez 2015, Bikini Class, second place.
Georgina Pedrós, tercer puesto en el Open Héctor Defez.
Georgina Pedrós, third place in Open Héctor Defez.
Miri Calderón en el Open Héctor Defez.
Miri Calderón in Open Héctor Defez.
Yolanda Romero en el Open Héctor Defez.
Yolanda Romero in Open Héctor Defez.

Finally, a picture out of competition. As soon as fhe awards were presented  I was flying to backstage to take a picture of Claudia, the brand new champion, with the check. It is quite logical that just as the championship ends, athletes are wishing some relax and often even go away from the premises, and  I did not want to miss the opportunity.

Claudia Fernández, ganadora de la categoría Bikini
Claudia Fernández con el cheque por un book fotográfico.

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