Shoot in Spain with Archerphoto

Shoot in Spain. Find a place where you can have the BEST BACKGROUNDS


Beach in Spain by Archerphoto, professional photographer
Beach in Spain by Archerphoto, professional photographer


Nice towns

Historical buildings

Great weather, nice communications, landmarks…

Spain has everything you need. It’s a safe, secure place with great hotels, a high-speed train network. We have also European health care and best professionals. You can shoot with Archerphoto and discover the best places. Shoot in Spain and get exclusive pictures that will impress any viewer.
We can also shoot in studio. If you need part of the pictures  in a closed place, we have studio available for all kind of works. Even if you have special needs, please ask: we can provide. Spain is a place of opportunities: we have even empty airports.

Spain has historical buildings in different styles all around the country. From whitewashed houses to impressive gothic cathedrals. Futuristic areas and charming fishing villages, or luxury hotels. It’s easy to get all your needs. People in Spain is warm and friendly, and in these moments it is not an expensive country. A colorful country for your productions. Spain, however, may be tricky if you don’t know how to negotiate with locals. Leave that to us, we can help in each detail. Films like Star Wars, 007 Die Another Day, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lawrence of Arabia or Doctor Zhivago have been filmed in Spain. And you can enjoy our gastronomy: three of the best restaurants in the world are placed in Spain, but you won’t believe the quality of the Spanish dishes even in really humble places.

Some examples of the most interesting cities in Spain



Valencia Barcelona Santiago de Compostela Donostia Bilbao Mallorca Moraira

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