Photography for dancers and ballerinas

Photography for dancers and ballerinas

Photography for dancers

Ballerinas and dancers are probably the most grateful work for a professional photographer. All kind of dancers are really interesting, each discipline has its own charms to offer. While photographers needs special efforts to get the results,  the vision, if correctly executed will offer harmony, detail, subtlety and energy. When one begins to process photos related to dance, if things went fairly well, has time available to choose among many possibilities.

Obviously, for optimum results it is essential looking for a full set of details: makeup, costumes, position, attitude and self-criticism of all team members are factors that help a lot to end up having a good finish. In my case, here I have shown some pictures of Judith and Ava, who have different profiles: Judit is a jazz dancer and many other styles, and Ava, who is younger, and is a classical ballerina. Finally, a picture from Dominique Gerdum, a fitness athlete.

Photography for dancers and ballerinas - Archerphoto, dance photography Spain
Ava Meade, ballerina


Photography for dancers and ballerinas
Ava Meade – Ballet and contemporary dance.
Dance photography Spain, Archerphoto
Ava Meade

In photography for dancers is not only important to the whole person during the dance, but there are many details in different moments-such as warming up, placing the pointe shoes or makeup – that can be cause for great pictures.

Actually, video can also be even more interesting for the dancers, and here is a sample of one of the work I did in this line. Not exactly affordable for everyone, but it illustrates the capabilities of the interpreter. The video illustrates the evolution of learning. In the first step, clumsy, but Judit will then deftly showing the different styles in which he is an expert.

D. from Sergi Albir on Vimeo.

Photography for dancers and ballerinas
Photography for dancers and ballerinas – Judit Triguero, jazz and salsa.

If you’ve decided you need a portfolio, mail me to or give us a call -or send Whatsapp or Telegram message- in work hours to +34 6444 5 9753. Puedes ver muestras en la galería. Portfolio for ballerinas, dancers and actresses, professional or amateur.

My flickr has lot of pics: one a day

Photography for dancers and ballerinas
Dominique Gerdum – Fitness dancing

Galavant: musical comedy in Valencia

Photography is my profession, but TV series are one of my most notable hobbies. Lately I’ve noticed a new one placed theoretically in Valencia. Name’s Galavant, created by Dan Fogelman (Tangled) and features Joshua Sasse, Timothy Omundson, Mallory Jansen, Karen David and Vinnie Jones (yes, that ex-footballer gotten actor and go, he’s quite fun). It’s a comedy with many musical performances, with scores by the awesome Alan Menken. This gentleman has eight oscars, author of music for films like The Little Mermaid (The Little Mermaid), Aladdin, Pocahontas … Well, the lyrics -courtesy of Fogelman-, even though the music is by Menken,  are more adult focused, with a few touches of black humor, going much further than Tangled lyrics went. Galavant has some great actors and interesting cameos, like Rutger Hauer (yes, the replicant from Blade Runner, remember that “All those moments will be lost like tears in the rain. Time to die” line?), Al Yankovic (maybe you know him by some parodies he has done, give it a try:

I’m telling you all this because the series is interesting but the real relationship with Valencia is nonexistent. So there are some outdoor takes where you’re can see some towers, but they do not coincide with any of the currently existent in Valencia. So I put a couple of photos of the actual Valencia towers and a screenshot of Galavant just in case anyone wants to compare.

I have not found special resemblance between the towers appear and the actual look of Valencia at any time in its history. Valencia is in the mouth of the Turia River, but since the time of the Arab presence in Valencia irrigation ditches dwindled much the volume of river waters. Except in times when overflowed, it has never had the flow that appears in the TV series.

Galavant, Serranos and Quart towers

The appearance of Valencia in 1400 should be around this, according to an engraving of the time. Nothing to do with the way they appear in the series, despite little historical accuracy, is highly recommended.

Galavant, screenshot
Galavant screenshot, ABC Television Network property

The appearance of Valencia in 1400 should be around this, according to an engraving of the time. Nothing to do with the way they appear in the series, despite little historical accuracy, is highly recommended.

Valencia in 1356
Valencia in 1356


Torres de Quart, Valencia
Quart Towers, Valencia
Torres de Quart, Valencia
Quart Towers, Valencia
Galavant, torres de Serrans y Quart
Quart Towers, Valencia
Torres de Serrans, Valencia
Serrans Towers, Valencia
Torres de Serrans, Valencia
Serrans Towers, Valencia

Finally, you can take a look at the trailer of the series. See if you like it as much as I do.

I am Sergi Albir, professional photographer in Spain. You can contact me with an e-mail to , phoning me or sending me a message, Whatsapp or Telegram in office hours to +34 6444 5 9753.  More pics in my gallery. Images for businesses, corporate pictures, headshots and all kind of photography you may need.

Materials: looking closely

It is not uncommon in waiting times, or when you go walking around the street with a camera in hand you find different materials that may be of interest to get a photo. Sometimes they can be used for assembly or make sense per se.

Materials: looking closely

Often, as a photographer, I simply take the photo and then, at home, I’ll see if it makes any sense. And “after” may be when well passed four years. Sure, it’s not always so, but the fact that I have saved and classified pictures properly helps a lot, especially when I have to design a poster or some work with more than an image. What is problematic, I admit, is getting all pictures and videos stored and properly tagged. For a couple of years’m using specific software for classification and tagging and helps dramatically: it increases the profitability of the work already done, but then the trouble to go tagging everything I’ve done over the years that did not have those programs is far from over.

Returning to the photographic subject, different materials can provide interesting textures: wood, glass, metal … In many cases have a macro lens will help but is not essential. A simple 50 1.4 can help a lot.

Materials. Stone. By Archerphoto, pro photographer in Valencia.
Wood and screw, by Archerphoto, commercial photographer in Spain
Wood and screw
Materials. Broken glass, by Archerphoto, professional photographer.
Broken glass
Materials, by Archerphoto, photographer for businesses in Spain
Sand, water and a shell
Rusted metal by Archerphoto, commercial and corporate photographer in Spain.
Rusted metal

Finally, after a few examples,  a little extra information about me. I am Sergi Albir, professional photographer. Usually working in Valencia (Spain) but I go almost anywhere whether to take pictures. You can contact by mail to,  Telegram, or Whatsapp or +34 644459753. Sometimes I don’t pick up the phone because I’m taking photos and I only have one pair of hands.

Five tips for your profile picture in Linkedin

It is pretty obvious that Linkedin is a business network. So if there is a place where appearances are important it is there. A controversial appearance can make you lose a job that aspires or a customer decides not hire your company to appear unprofessional.

Five tips for your profile picture in Linkedin



Five tips for your profile picture in Linkedin

1. Choose a positive image. Except that you must prove that you are hell’s human resources director, you should not use a photo that you seem angry. Avoid aggressive looks of concern to the observer. If you use that kind of photo people seeing your profile will have very little desire to make any deals with you. Best if you smile.

2. A personal image. This means  no dogs, no logo of your company as unique id, and forget completely that idea of a photo of your child, your niece or your cousin. You. They want to know who you are. You can also save a group photo.

3. A professional image. We’ve got to be alone and reasonably positive picture. Now discard all those photos that you are under intoxication or other. A little decorum does not hurt, and if visitors to your site think they’re too prone to bebercio or drugs will feel somewhat unsafe to put their money with you.

4. A well-made image. It is not necessary that you show the world’s best portrait of the year, but a professional photographer will do a good portrait. Save yourself poor focused, blurred, distorted or neglected. The work of a professional is available. You can get an affordable session and it will be a profitable investment. Try to be critical of the image you want to use: the fact your brother-in-law has bought a new SLR camera won’t get you good photos if he is not really great. And please do not use that picture you did at the wedding of someone, that will present you with a little acceptable appearance.

5. A recent image. All Right. Everyone says that in 2008 that picture came out great. It is true that you have gained, you no longer have a mustache, you have a new nose and  you have no longer these hairs, but, uh, you look like Tom Selleck. Nope. Not working. The photo must be recent and a normal person should be able to recognize you smoothly.

Some of these tips can be applied to many of the photographs that you want your customers to see, and Linkedin, and on your website or on your Facebook, but that depends, of course your common sense.

Obviously I can give more advice, but it is also true that I am a photographer and am dedicated to making professional portraits, among other things. So if you need photos is not a bad idea you contact me and concert an appointment. Working mainly in Valencia (Spain), but I will go almost anywhere when needed. You can send an email to or send me an Whatsapp or Telegram at +34 644459753, or even call me, because when  I’m shooting I won’t take the phone.

Night Shots

Night Shots

There are things you can not avoid. For me night shots are kind of a hard addiction to overcome. It is true that I am carrying  the camera often, but  night it has that special charm: it’s a little more difficult taking pictures in low light because you often have to be careful with the shutter speed, but, in return, using large openings gives us lights blurred in the background. A traffic light with daylight has little interest but becomes a green light at the bottom when the night has arrived.

Night shots, by by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain

Opportunities today’s cameras offer are not to be missed by photographers, both professional and amateurs, because it’s worth experimenting.

One of the curious things about night photography is the photographer suffers an influence which in most cases is negative: the color temperature of light sources –  especially streetlights- used to be too low because of the sodium vapor bulbs , which for a long time were the most efficient way to light up a city. The most efficient, yes, but the yellowish tone was extremely difficult to remove. At present they are being replaced by LED lighting, which is even more efficient and hardly affects the color that the camera and the human eye perceive.

Here is a photo illustration about changing light bulbs, and in the picture of the Port of Valencia you can find at the beginning you can also clearly see the difference between light sources color temperatures too low  for cameras to compensate automatically (approximately 2400K) and higher color temperature (between about 5400 and 6500 K, the whiter ones).

Night Shots: differences in color temperature
Night Shots: differences in color temperature

Car lights are also changing. The new xenon lights and LEDs give different temperatures at the car lights have been around for a few years. But sometimes the yellow tones themselves are much appreciated.

Dancing, by by Archerphoto, English speaking professional photographer in Valencia, Spain
Ava dancing at night
Rain in Finsbury Park, London. Night Photos by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain
Rain in Finsbury Park, London.
Night Shots and Speed. by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain
Night flares, by Archerphoto, English-speaking professional photographer
Night flares

If you want to see more night shots, you can take a look in

If you need a professional photographer, you can contact me:, +644459753 Corporaste pictures, portraits, model portfolios and other images . I work in Valencia, London, Madrid, Barcelona and wherever you call me :)


Cameras and photographers

It’s a fact that photographer make the pictures and  cameras are just tools.  A camera, for good or bad it is, will have the results determined by what the person has in his hands get. So most times the camera is not the differentiating factor. That said, a Spanish web, released a study based on the EXIF ​​data from the cameras of World Press Photo 2015. Basic conclusions have been that – at least this year – Canon is sweeping the floor with competition. Specifically, EOS 5D Mark III is the camera which has gotten more winning photos.

Statistics and graphs
Statistics and graphs

Obviously, everyone likes to know that your camera is the one that has been most successful (and myself), but beyond that, most professional photographers agree that Canon and Nikon and obtain very similar results when we speak of images.

Cameras and photographers. Why Canon is taking the upper hand?

Now, I have tended to always keep the theory that the fact that Canon, in general, is less expensive and there is more supply in resale. And I have often seen the professionals working with Canon. So when we talk about professional use, has results like these. The second prize is for EOS 1D X, a camera even better than the 5D Mark III, but much more expensive. The 5D Mark II, an earlier model of Canon, takes third place. Nikon takes very little, Apple takes a prize with an iPhone and Sony is notably absent. I do find remarkable the presence of Olympus and their EVILs. The 5D Mark III has just seen announced its successors, the 5Ds and 5DR, but the general impressions, so far, are new EOS are not as bright as the two previous models, despite the impressive 50 megapixel camera that can capture. We’ll see if the new cameras quickly replace the Mark III.

As I say, what matters is not usually the camera. With a humble Ixus 40 can be made interesting pictures. Well, actually I already can not. Lens got jammed and never got back to life.

Archerphoto, photographer in Spain

Professional commercial photographer, Valencia, Spain

Professional commercial photographer, Valencia, Spain

I am a professional commercial photographer in Valencia, Spain. I also do other things, but I mainly dedicated to making professional photography and video. I’ve tried different kinds of photography: portrait, portfolio, press, fashion, ads, beauty, NGOs, buildings, and I’ve been shooting in different cities. Even in different countries. But most of my work as a professional photographer it has been in Valencia. I’ve got a small studio, but I try to shoot outside whenever I can, because Valencia has a really friendly weather. Our February is an awful month to shoot, but all the rest is really OK. You can find some samples of my pictures in this page, but feel free to ask me if you need to check any particular kind of photography. I’ve got a full archive and I can license most of my pictures if you need them.

Some of  my pics are here, and you can find more of them in my Flickr.

Anna Kurika, actress, in her portfolio with Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain
Anna Kurika, actress
Professional Commercial Photographer Spain Valencia
Gema, model
Professional commercial photographer, Valencia, Spain


Photographer in Valencia, Spain




Commercial photographer in Spain
Good morning!
Photographer for dancers, models, actresses and actors in Spain
Ava dancing

Professional commercial photographer, Valencia, Spain. If you want pictures, you can contact me via Whatsapp or Telegram in 6444 5 9753 or e-mail: sergi@a
. I am usually in Valencia, Spain, but I usually I move to whatever the place.

professional photographer portrait business spain
Carlos Castelló, actor

Fitness photography

Fitness photography

There are people in this world who are really concerned about their bodies. So they are especially interested in having pictures. Frequently they compete in bodybuilding and fitness competitions and I’ve been shooting as a professional photographer in some of them. I do appreciate the effort they do, even when it’s very far from my own personal interests. However, I’ve learnt a lot from them and their way of life. And about how they prepare to compete, and how they face their challenges. Some of them are even my friends, and some of my friends have been really successful. Like María Herranz (, Miss Universe 2014 or Ana Insa, Alexandra García and Jaime Vergara, all of them Spanish Champions.

Bodybuilders, fitness, athletes

I’ve developed a separate style for this kind of work: they are eager to see each detail and are, mostly, less interested in elaborated compositions. So, most of those pictures seem not to be exactly my style, but I’ve arrived to the conclusion these is a part of me now. So I have a mixed, perhaps heterogeneous, even eclectic style. When we are taking their shots during a competition, they are having their bodies at the peak of their capacity. It’s been a long work and they expect to get the maximum detail.

However, if you need professional fitness and/or bodybuilding pictures, feel free to contact me in I live in Spain but I can shoot wherever you are. Or you can travel here. It’s up to you.


María Herranz, by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain
María Herranz


Fitness photography, Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain
Jorge Nieto


Photo by Archerphoto, professional photographer Spain
Jaime Vergara


Photo by Archerphoto, commercial photographer Spain
Alexandra García


Fitness photography by Archerphoto, professional photographer.
Ana Insa


Portraits, portfolios and personal pictures

Portraits, portfolios and personal pictures

Portraits, portfolios and personal pictures

One of the things that I’ve heard before a session is this: “I don’t look good in pictures”. Actually, you may blame it simply on not finding the right person to capture the image. Today is very easy accessing to a camera with sufficient quality, but it’s a bit trickier to find people who know how to handle the situation to capture a good image. And the question is not necessarily technically how to handle the camera, but treat the person, use light, consider (or disprove) the environment. A professional photographer will take into account each and every one of these factors, plus many others: we are often loaded with different lenses, which work especially well in certain circumstances. We sometimes use flash or continuous lighting. Other times we recommend that you change your clothes or location. A professional photographer will devote enough time and attention. No wonder kick better result than a person who spends 12 seconds on the photo and puts all settings automatically. Even the best camera lacks most of the things you want for a great picture.

Retratos, books y fotos personales

But the matter does not end there: the subsequent process is also relevant. And although today many people have access to appropriate software to edit the pictures, so few have adequate capacity to use them. And, again, it is not a technique but a matter of sensitivity and taste. In many cases the photographs are standardized with the application of filters Instagram or misdeeds are created with HDR (High Dynamic Range). And, in addition to this, some people perpetrate dreadful collages spoiling what could have been a good photo.

Retratos, books y fotos personales

I am a professional photographer. If you need pics, feel free to contact me, my e-mail , and my Whatsapp and Telegram: +34 6444 5 9753. There are samples of my work in my gallery. Portraits, portfolios and personal pictures. I am a photographer in Valencia, but I do work wherever you need me :)

You can also check my Flickr, where I usually upload one pic a day