Quique Dacosta Restaurant in Denia

Some things happen even when you’re not ready for them. For business reasons I ended up having dinner at the Quique Dacosta Restaurant, in Denia (Alicante, Spain), and I had the opportunity to meet in person and talk briefly to a photo of him.

Quique Dacosta Restaurant in Denia

Since I am not a person with a special fondness for the art kitchen, I find special merit int the impression the place left me after I ate there. There would be little value in my critical analysis of this restaurant with three Michelin stars because cooking is not, by far, my specialty. The question of taste and experience in organizing local Dacosta is, yes I have to say, an original event perfectly designed, prepared and executed. It is not just eating and discovering textures, shapes and flavors that are out of anybody’s reach when you get used, but this Caceres guy (yes, even the Valencian what vindicate him, Quique Dacosta was born in Jarandilla de la Vera, Caceres) has a clear sense of entertainment and tries to astonish the visitor. In short, despite my limited expertise in matters of food, it’s a great experience.

Here are some pics of my visit to the restaurant, which until 2009 was called the Poblet, and now goes by the name of Quique Dacosta Restaurant. El Poblet is the name of the current Quique Dacosta Valencia restaurant.


Quique Dacosta en su restaurante de Denia.


Arroz ceniza ,Quique Dacosta Restaurant
Ash riceQuique Dacosta Restaurant


Guggenheim Oyster

For more information, it is obviously advisable to go through its website, which includes menus and more info on the two restaurants currently Dacosta owns, one in Valencia and the one I visited in Denia, Alicante. http://www.quiquedacosta.es/

However, for a more technical perspective, with explanations you can also visit his blog, http://quiquedacosta.blogspot.com.es/, which also includes information on other activities Dacosta, as his exhibition at the Valencian Museum Enlightenment and Modernity (Muvim).


Valencia City Council

The Valencia City Council had remained inaccessible to the general public for many years until the recent arrival of Joan Ribó, the new Mayor. The style of government, based on proximity and setting clear differences with his predecessor, Rita Barbera, has brought available access to both tourists and Valencians themselves, when before they had access to the municipal building only in specific cases. Today, while there is a security for access, anyone can come and have a look, even out on the balcony overlooking the square.

The Valencia City Council is a building composed of two bodies: the House of Teachers, built in the eighteenth century and the front, built between the second and third decades of the twentieth century, with a pretentious style with neo-Renaissance and neo-baroque elements designed by Carlos Carbonell.


Ayuntamiento de Valencia

The architectural value of the building is not the point here, but the significance acquired by the virtual capacity of the visitor to the building. My particular interest is directly curiosity: I had gone in the building just and I was barely able to see anything. Being able to shoot there gets my attention. So here are the photos.

Ayuntamiento de Valencia
Desde el balcón.
Interior del edificio.

Photographer in Spain: Portraits 2015 (Part I )

Such as the mysterious title that heads this post could hide almost anything. Rather not. Rather are some pictures of this year I feel like showing. Some were shot with the EOS 5D Mark III and others with my NX500 that every time I like more. Although the EVIL cameras have their limitations in terms of speed of use (the autofocus is not as fast, and least in my case, because I am usually using manual  lenses and there is nothing like auto-focus with them), I find specially charming it weights a third of my ultra reliable and ultraversatile 5D Mark III.

The point is shooting portraits is one of the disciplines that most attracts us photographers. Though today selfies are very fashionable, the portraits taken by someone else  have additional values. Especially when we photographers shoot, because we look at different ways that most people do not take into account and that factors appear ultimately in the final result. And yes, I have a special fondness for black and white, but I think it’s just a slightly harmful vice, except for some ink manufacturers. In any case, as I hope all the world to see on the computer screen, there is not much problem with it.


Photographer in Spain: Portraits 2015 (Part I )

Fotografp Valencia retrato
Photographer in Spain: Portraits 2015 (Part I )
Carlos, 2015
Archerphoto: Professional Photographer in Spain: Portraits 2015 (Part I )
María, 2015


Photographer in Spain: Portraits 2015 (Part I )
Nadia, 2015


María P.

I am Sergi Albir, professional photographer. If you need good pictures, contact me. I work mostly in Valencia, Spain, but if you cover the travel expenses you can count on me anywhere it takes. My email: sergi@archerphoto.eu and my phone with Whatsapp and Telegram, +3464459753

Tips and tricks for Real Estate Photography

The most common of the world in the twenty-first century is Real Estate agents showing pictures of their available houses. Many of them are on the Internet and many other not, but almost everyone wants to see a picture of the house, villa or shed before a visit. So we all understand that photography is an essential tool for realtors. However, interestingly, most of these companies do not have professional photography services and simply make pictures that are not good enough for a proper selling. So we give a few tips to improve.


Tips and tricks for Real Estate Photography - IMG_8425-small

Tips and tricks for Real Estate Photography

1. If you don’t want to learn how to take pictures, hire a professional photographer. Photography has certain requirements: you can partially rely on your camera to fix some things. But if you do not take a bit of interest and looking for the right frame, checking that everything looks good, if there is enough light and that the end result is good, let it be. I can tell you that it is better to use a wide-angle lens and a tripod is a good investment, so as to bounce the flash helps a lot, but if you do not want to learn, this is just junk.

2.If you do not want to process photos, hire someone to do it for you. It is most likely that, even though the place you are selling is reasonably well , is far for being professionally lit for photography. So you’ll have to correct the lighting, and certainly straighten some pictures. Sometimes even put a logo, crop the image, and remove some hole in the wall. And then export the photos to a suitable size and format for the web. If all this seems daunting, there are people who know and can do. Exactly. Photographers. A nice trick is to use noise reduction to the darker areas, and so the pictures are cleaner. But you have to use a photo-editing program. Some are free, such as GIMP, and there is always Photoshop, but then you’ll have to pay for it.

Tips and tricks for Real Estate Photography IMG-8362 corrected 2015-small

3. If you do not want to invest a minimum at a decent photographic equipment, get yourself to someone who has it. Probably I sound repetitive, but it’s reasonable.Your phone, even if it seems worth a lot of money and fill your soul with joy has a sensor much smaller than your fingernail. And a tiny lens with a fixed angle also can not change. It does not work as well as a professional camera, but sometimes you can not distinguish it. And when you put accessories to a camera phone is when the horror comes. A glass lens from a s soda bottle (for what you pay is what you have) in front of the camera of your phone only will spoil things. A  reflex or mirrorless camera comes with a lens kit that is usually enough for sufficient results. A professional can achieve excellent results with just that, and even better with a more advanced material, but a layman normally only find more problems from having too many  configuration options.

Overall, the message is clear: anyone can learn photography and enhance his photos, but in general, everyone will prefer the results you get a professional. Sometimes the work seems easier because the photographer will only look to go and push a couple of buttons, but prior learning, the process with the computer and the eye require an experience that probably is not profitable to acquire to a realtor.

Finally, not everyone who says  is a photographer will know how make the most of the spaces that want to sell. The best way is to see previous samples of work done.

If you need a professional photographer with experience, Sergi Albir my name, my phone number is +34 644 459 753 and my email is sergi@archerphoto.eu . If you want to sell your property at the best price you probably want to invest in the work of a professional photographer. I usually work in Valencia, Spain but I go where needed.

En general, el mensaje es claro: cualquiera puede aprender fotografía y mejorar sus fotos, pero, en general, todos preferimos los resultados que obtiene un profesional. A veces parece sencillo, porque al fotógrafo solo se le ve ir y apretar un par de botones, pero el aprendizaje previo, el proceso con el ordenador y el ojo requieren una experiencia que probablemente no sea rentable adquirir para un agente inmobiliario.


The Fitness Sanctuary

When you are called to shoot some pics of chalet, first thing coming to you is going to be a Real Estate work. I supposed they would want to get the better looks of the building. “They are intending to sell it”, I admit that was my impression when I contacted. The moment I arrived there I was told they are establishing a business consisting in some activities for relaxation and physical improvement, especially weight losing. Their programs include blood tests and different exercise routines, with varied activities, from bike tours to yoga or water aerobics. The Fitness Sanctuary has another division in Tarifa (South of Spain), but I just shot their new place in La Cañada, en Paterna, really close to Valencia City. A big property with lots of space and some pines around.

Their clients are mostly British attracted by the Sun and natural charm of the country. It’s a new tourism business quite innovative, not very known in Spain, so I find it really interesting.

Elliot was who contacted me, and when I was shooting I told him I’d love to post an article in my professional photographer web showing the place and linking his web (http://www.thefitnesssanctuary.com) so I could help him to promote it and, all the same, I’d be showing some of my Real Estate pictures.

The Fitness Sanctuary

The Fitness Sanctuary por Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional en Valencia The Fitness Sanctuary por Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional en Valencia The Fitness Sanctuary por Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional para inmobiliaria The Fitness Sanctuary por Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional en España The Fitness Sanctuary por  Sergi Albir, Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional en Valencia The Fitness Sanctuary por Archerphoto, fotógrafo en Valencia The Fitness Sanctuary por Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional para empresas en Valencia The Fitness Sanctuary  (Santuario del fitness) por Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional en Valencia


To contact with them is easy: their web is http://www.thefitnesssanctuary.com .

My name is Sergi Albir and I am a professional photographer. If you need corporate pictures or real estate photography you can reach me via mail to sergi@archerphoto.eu or via cellular, +34 6444 5 9753. Also Whatsapp and Telegram available.


Landscapes 101

Photographers are people who carry a camera way too often. So even when they are doing something else, it’s not strange they stop for a while and capture an image.

Landscapes 101

In my case, some of those landscapes can be stored during years. I classify my pictures and file them in the computer. If I am not in a hurry, they won’t be shown until I need to. The idea is having some material to display when I’m out of juice. It seems the moment: I am a professional photographer in Spain. I live in Valencia and it’s nice to shoot here, but I’ve got some pictures from Germany, Slovakia or United Kingdom in my PC. It’s not my usual business work, but it may be useful for finding some different material.



Short term visit, but the Danube was worth a shot. I’d like to come back and see the city with more time to enjoy.

Bratislava, Landscape 1010, by Archerphoto, professional photographer



For me it’s really captivating. Being there with a camera it’s having a great time. Architecture, people, food… It’s simply great. And you can see I have a thing for the rivers. Thames is also a charm.

London, by Archerphoto, professional photographer


Xàtiva (Valencia)

Over a mountain in a summer sunset. It was really hot and I came down on foot. I liked the result.




Mountains, and sky. I let the sea out of this picture.

Landscapes 101 by Archerphoto, photographer in Spain



Moraira (Alicante)

My old IXUS 40 was useful that day. Now I would have shot with my cell phone, but then…

Moraira, 2007


If you need to hire a photographer, well, you found the right guy. A mail (sergi@archerphoto.eu), Whatsapp, Telegram or phone call to +34 6444 5 9753. If you want to see more pictures, please visit my Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/archerphoto. Este mismo post en castellano: http://www.archerphoto.eu/paisajes-101

Categories of shots

Often, when shooting, models tell me about some interesting picture they remember and comment me they would like to have a similar one. My experience shows that people finally will choose other pictures that the ones they suggested 99% of the time because it has achieved a more natural, spontaneous pose. But it happens people want to explain how was the image they liked and have no image available, but they insist on explaining how it was. So it is interesting to know the name of each camera shot. So we can express ourselves more clearly.

Actually, these are conventions that allow us to talk about the pictures, but one should not adhere to these definitions to know if the shot is good, bad or average. If the photo works, it works, even when does not fit well in a name.

Categories of shots

Very Wide Shot

It is used to locate the model (or the subject we are going to shoot) in the context. It is very common using a wide angle lens -they can get a major angle being closer- for this, but I preferred to shoot Ava  with my 135 mm from afar. I had to shout her to hear me.

Very Wide Shot. Ava Meade by Sergi Albir, professional photographer in Spain.

Wide Shot

The same as above, but the context is slightly  less important. In this case, Renata was doing choreography in a bodybuilding and fitness championship. Although there was no way of technical department playing the music that she had been training with she did not lose her smile in any moment.

Renata Ban. Wide Angle Shot, por Archerphoto, photographer in Spain.

American Shot (Medium Long Shot)

Roughly from the knees. In this pic we can appreciate the nice figure of Roser, but we avoid in this the fan foot and the light stands, and everything else that was in the bottom. 

American Shot. Roser, by Archerphoto, photographer for business in Spain.

Medium Shot

There are two variants from Medium Shot. Roughly chest level or slightly below. Mary’s hair has the maximum prominence with this frame.

Medium Shot. María, by Archerphoto. Video and photography in Spain.

Medium Close Shot

I said, a little above or a little below, the average plane can start from the hip or the sternum. Jessica, in this case appears in an example of the short version of the shot.

Jéssica. Shots in photography and filmmaking. By Archerphoto, corporate photography and video production in Spain.


Close Up

The face is the protagonist, and the look is key. Patricia was fantastic throughout the session, and this was one of the last shots.

Patricia, by Archerphoto. Pro photographer in Europe.

Extreme Close Up

Even closer. Ana’s eyes were particularly interesting, so this framing is thoroughly justified. Some people call it “the Italian Shot”.

Italian Shot. Ana Peris, by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain.

Cut in

Obviously here we seek to capture some detail in particular: in this case, the dress designed by Anillarte is noteworthy.

Detail by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain.

By camera placement

Bird Shot

You shoot from a position above the subject. Joana in this case has focused the face and the rest of the body is losing definition, but it is a photographer’s choice (myself, of course). 
Bird's Eye Shot. Joana, by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain.

Low Angle Shot

You shoot from below the head of the subject. Some times, from below the hip. I selected this plane in which he showed a little gem with a forced angle, but in many cases is less exaggerated angle shot.

Low Angle Shot. Gema, by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain, Europe.

Aerial or Zenithal

From above 90 ° soil. Usually uncomfortable shoot well, but Marijose is splendid in this shot with some dramatic tone. 

Aerial Shot. Marijose, by Archerphoto, pro photographer and videographer in Spain.I am a professional photographer. If you need good pictures, contact me. I usually work in Valencia, Spain, but if you cover the travel expenses you can count on me to the South Pole. My mail: sergi@archerphoto.eu , my phone with Whatsapp and Telegram, +34644459753


Four red pictures

In case anyone had not noticed, lately when I have a lot of time, or simply I don’t feel like writing a long post, I choose some photos previously edited and show them. In this case the criterion is the color red. Despite what one would have thought, I have not jumped to display pictures of redhead models, but I have opted for other things. In any case, I have pictures to show more red, so there will be similar posts in the future.

Four red pictures

The first photo is the wall of a grocery store near my home in Valencia. It has a red and light, with that, bokeh, contrast and diagonal composition the result is somehow catchy.

In this case, a play about the legend of Tombatossals a mythical giant that contributed to the foundation of Castellón. The clear red light tinted everything, and the result is obvious.

At the port, some old machinery repainted in such an indelicate manner may be attractive to photograph.

A clean new Ferrari to admire. I do not feel particularly proud to surrender to its charms, but sometimes a professional photographer is human. Sometimes.

If you need professional photos in Valencia, Madrid, Alicante and elsewhere,sergi@archerphoto.eu or a message to +34 6444 May 9753 for Whatsapp or Telegram. Photography for companies, individuals and institutions.

Circus photography

Circus photography

It was a while since I went to the circus, but I was invited to the Circo Gran Fele (in Valencia, Spain) and, of course, had to shoot there. That  flying trapeze artists is a fact that had always interested me do. I do not mean pictures, but to actually do it. But my athletic skills were limited when I was young and now they are not lacking, but honestly, I can do little more than jump over a trench or get on a branch to do some weird photo. Little more. So, it’s good to see people doing impossible things up there that I find really captivating. And from below, with 135mm, and considering that lighting crew is only illuminating them, if you’re around, you can take some interesting images.

Still, I’m more interested in backstage photos, and I’m working on the possibility to take pictures there rehearsing, and during the performance. If I succeed, I will put in here, obviously. For now, a few pictures on the trapeze are a small sample of what I did.


If you liked the pictures and you need some kind of photography, as you can imagine, I am a professional photographer. I am working mainly in Valencia, but go where needed. My email is sergi@archerphoto.eu and you can also contact me by Telegram or WhatsApp in 644459753

This post is also available in Spanish: http://www.archerphoto.eu/fotos-en-el-circo/

Circus photos by Archerphoto, photographer in Spain