What do I do with my arms?

One of the questions that I have heard most times in my life is the one that gives the title to this post: “What do I do with my arms?”. During a photo shoot it is very common for the model I work with to ask me this question. Since I mostly work with women, this post is dedicated especially to them. For this purpose I decided to ask Dariia Lola for help, a dance teacher with whom I have collaborated a couple of times.

What do I do with my arms?, Dariia Lola in the pic, shot by Archerphoto

She made a few suggestions and we made a small series of photos to show examples of how to work to achieve the best results in a photo session, whether outdoors or mainly in the studio.

What do I do with my arms?, Dariia Lola in the pic, shot by Archerphoto

One of the first questions is to determine what you should do with your hands. The softer the position, the better, and we will avoid showing our palms whenever possible and offer our backs, always seeking relaxation so as not to transmit tension. If the palms have to appear, due to the position of the arm, you should avoid it being frontal.

Another key issue is to always offer obtuse or acute angles with your arm: you have to avoid a right angle, 90º, because it always gives a less natural, more forced image.

Dariia Lola by Archerphoto

Hands should always touch very gently, even brush, never press. That will avoid unwanted shapes. In general, you should avoid tense muscles and work with a relaxed body and limbs. The exception to this will be when you want, for expressive reasons, to generate a feeling of tension. In this case you must keep the active muscles visible and show the contact of the hand against the skin.

More ideas about what to do with your arms

To make the arms look stylized, it is also usually interesting to avoid directing them directly towards the camera when they are flexed, because they tend to convey a greater sensation of volume.

Keeping your shoulders balanced will convey harmony and calm. Having one higher than the other will help us manage expressiveness and dynamism: one thing is not better than the other, they are options that we will choose to achieve our objectives.

What do I do with my arms?, Dariia Lola in the pic, shot by Archerphoto

We must also remember that the hands will allow us to guide the observer’s gaze. This can make a figure, face, object or space stand out in the photograph. So they are an expressive resource that will help us and that we have learned to use a little better in this post.

All of these tips are suggestions. Later, when working in front of the camera, they can be omitted because we are looking for a certain composition that, at first glance, is interesting. It is not a question of taking them literally.

I hope I have answered your question “What do I do with my arms?” In any case, we leave here a small gallery with some options for managing the arms. If you need more than what is in this post, Dariia is a dance teacher. You can contact her on Instagram, @dariialola. If what you need is a professional photo session, you can send me an email to sergi@archerphoto.eu, contact me on Instagram (@Archerphoto) or send me a Whatsapp or Telegram to +34 644459753.

Habitat 2022

Some photos in Habitat 2022, furniture fair at the Feria de Muestras de Valencia. Images: Sergi Albir, photographer for Valencia companies

Valencia acts as the World Capital of Design 2022, so it seemed reasonable to stop by and take some photos at Habitat 2022, which is a furniture and lighting fair that takes place at the Exhibition Fair.

Some photos in Habitat 2022, furniture fair at the Feria de Muestras de Valencia. Images: Sergi Albir, photographer for Valencia companies

It is, according to the organization, the biggest fair in the sector. In any case, there are more than 70,000 square meters of exhibition (an increase of 8% with respect to 2019) and a good handful of activities that I did not attend because I decided to spend my time capturing some images. I am not a professional neither in the design nor in the commercialization of the sectors that were exhibiting.

Some photos in Habitat 2022, furniture fair at the Feria de Muestras de Valencia. Images: Sergi Albir, photographer for Valencia companies

Data on Habitat 2022

408 exhibitors and 603 firms represented. Habitat 2022 is actually the sum of three events: the 56th International Furniture Fair, the 53rd International Lighting Fair and the 18th NUDE, Young Talents Show. But simultaneously Textilhogar  and Espacio Cocina SICI (kitchen furniture) were also held. So in total, some 48,000 professionals will visit for one or another of the activities. An occupancy of 92% of the nearby hotels was reached, of which approximately half of this occupancy is attributed to the fairs.

Textiles at Habitat 2022, a furniture fair at the Valencia Trade Fair. Images: Sergi Albir, business and corporate photographer Valencia.

Actually, taking advantage of a visit and taking photos is the point of the post. But since I was there and had the images, incorporating a little information always comes in handy, in case someone happens to drop by here and wants to know a little more.

The point is that if you need photos you can contact me at sergi@archerphoto.eu . Also by sending a message to +34 644459753. Here is the link if you want to see more examples of my photos for business in Valencia or elsewhere. I hope you were interested in these photos in Habitat 2022. And if you want to follow me on Instagram, where my photos have nothing to do with this, @Archerphoto .

Some photos in Habitat 2022, furniture fair at the Feria de Muestras de Valencia. Images: Sergi Albir, photographer for Valencia companies

Aga dancing with fire in Valencia

Aga dancing with fire

One of the most interesting sessions I’ve done in a long time is this one with Aga dancing with fire in Valencia. The fascination that fire produces in us is difficult to deny, and I am no exception. I also like dancing, and taking photos at night. And also, Aga told me a little about her life and I decided that, of course, these photos had to be accompanied by her story.

Aga, firedancer by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia

Actually, I found Aga dancing with fire in Valencia in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento doing her show. I stopped, asked her permission to take a couple of photos and left her my card in case she wanted to receive them. When she wrote to me we talked about doing some more of her and finally we agreed to do a session in which she also told me something about herself. She is Polish, from the north, specifically, born in Gdynia. She was a dance and swimming teacher before the pandemic and had studied various types of urban and Latin dance, among other things. And she wanted to learn, since her high school years, the whole thing related to poi. But it was not until the pandemic left her without a job -schools and swimming pools were closed- that Ella Aga changed her perspective, she learned the rudiments of what she now masters perfectly and began to live dedicated to dancing with fire.

The situation was tough for everyone. Aga began to live as a backpacker during those years, traveling around Poland and harvesting in France to get a small fund with which to travel around Europe. She has been at it for three months, with her travel companion Flora, who is a singer and guitarist. Together they have already passed through Berlin, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Lyon, Barcelona, ​​Mallorca and Valencia (where they have made a stop), and they plan to go to Granada shortly.

Aga dancing with fire in València by Archerphoto, professional photographer

A different life

It is not a conventional matter at all: Aga lives moving between cities and does her show on the street. She does not have a fixed income and in general, it would seem that she is in a precarious situation. That’s when you think about it. If you see her dance with the fire, you don’t have that feeling. If you look at her movements or the sparkle in her eyes, you find life, passion. There is a part of that radiation that may have come from the fire, but I could feel that glow the first time I saw it. But honestly, I didn’t recognize that feeling until I did the photo shoot with her and she told me her point of view.

Aga dancing with fire in València by Archerphoto, professional photographer

Aga had had an interest in fire dancing since high school, but it wasn’t until about five years ago that, following the lights of some circus performers through the trees, she ended up talking to them and getting them to teach her the basics. From then on, she did a lot of training to get good results.

Aga dancing with fire in Valencia

Another issue that draws attention is that in her movements it seems easy to do what he does. Somehow, she flows while handling elements with fire, and it comes off naturally, there are almost no gestures, everything seems easy. Obviously it is not. But the magic of transmitting that fluidity hides many hours of training and practice.

Aga dancing with fire in València by Archerphoto, professional photographer

The fact is that the opportunity to take photos of Aga dancing with fire in Valencia has been a very interesting experience for me as a professional photographer , but also, knowing her history and a little about her interests has made me value her artistic abilities more.

Aga dancing with fire in Valencia. A pic by Archerphoto.

If you liked these photos and you need to hire me, you can send me an email to sergi@archerphoto.eu or you can also send a message via Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal to +34 644459753. Oh, and my Instagram is @Archerphoto . And Aga’s, @agu.poi.story .

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València: Catwalks and photos

The capital of Turia recovered its fashion festival after the COVID 19 crisis: CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València was organized again by Miquel Suay at the head of Dimova and had a series of values ​​enshrined as figureheads of the festival. They were not the only ones on catwalk, and we will make a later post with the platforms dedicated to the new values. On October 30th and 31st, 2021, at L’Hemisfèric (City of and Arts and Sciences), we were able to enjoy catwalks and some complementary events such as talks or cooking shows in which designers met Michelin-starred chefs.

Despite the fact that I have many fashion events behind my back, Nadia Alba , a journalist specializing in fashion and image, always has better criteria for talking about clothes, so it is she who has taken care of condensing the shows into a few sentences and I I have only put the photos.

Miquel Suay

The director of Clec Fashion Festival was in charge of premiering the catwalk in this second edition. After an inaugural performance, Suay presented a capsule collection paying tribute to Afghan women and their situation. In this fashion show he also launched his new MQL brand. Under the motto “Live the change”, the designer has created the first posthumanist brand, whose objective is to raise awareness, communicate and provide solutions through fashion.

Throughout the parade we were able to see mainly t-shirts, sweatshirts and mono-colored outfits in red, yellow, blue, purple and looks combined with black and white. The common denominator in all of them was the stamping of the face of Nadia Anjuman, an Afghan poet and journalist murdered by her husband, as well as encouraging messages for a common ethical and cultural code.

With this collection, Miquel Suay shows his most humane side, with the launch of a crowdfunding , with which he will allocate the sales of the collection to the printing of the book of poems “Flor Ahumada” by Anjuman.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada fashion show

Tristán and Cósima Ramírez de la Prada, son and daughter of the designer, were on this occasion in charge of presenting us with their spring / summer 2022 proposal. A collection that vindicates the Made in Spain tag.

The good vibes in its purest form on the catwalk that are distinctive of the brand accompanied the fun designs to which the designer has us accustomed.

Simple cut dresses, fitted and flared skirts, loose fitting tops and trousers in a relaxed style were featured in this show. There were also full print looks in two pieces sets, very flattering and growing trend. L’Hemisfèric was seized with the explosion of prints full color that characterizes Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada fashion show

Dolores Cortes

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València, Annie Parfene in the Dolores Cortés fashion show

The most international queen of Spanish swimwear could not miss this second edition of CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València. The impeccable career of Dolores Cortés, always present in her attractive and stylish proposals, was once again evident in “Philosophy”, her spring / summer 2022 collection.

On this occasion, the designer has taken as a reference the Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1925, from which the inspiration that led to Art Deco was born .

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València, Dolores Cortés fashion show

Among his designs we could see swimsuits, trikinis and bikinis with high-waisted briefs, dresses and beach jumpsuits with geometric motifs, prints and metallic fabrics typical of this avant-garde style of the twentieth century. Wooden accessories in the same style added the perfect finishing touch to this elegant collection.


Recently awarded the Honorary Award to the Fashion Designer 2020 of the National Awards of the Fashion Industry, granted by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Custo Dalmau showed in Valencia his spring / summer 2022 proposal.

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València, Custo fashion show

“I trust me” is the name of this collection aimed at women who are sure of themselves. It is made up of garments that combine a fusion of cotton, knit and many sequins materials with shiny technical materials.

The Barcelona designer invites you to convey that feminine security, the essence of his proposal, through oversized trousers combined with tiny tops and minidresses with amazing necklines and strategic openings. His designs also include the use of hybrid sweatshirts, which are perfectly integrated into any look and for any occasion.

Jaime Piquer

He returned to the catwalk after a long time without parading, although his professional activity has never stopped in these years, especially dedicated to teaching and tailoring.

His collection “Eva” pays tribute to the person who most influenced him when choosing to study fashion. It is conceived from an ecological thought, for which the Valencian designer has created recycled pieces from his workshop fabrics.

CLEC 2021 parade Jaime Piquer

On the catwalk, both unisex proposals and very feminine designs made in semi-transparent vaporous fabrics with which Piquer has played overlay. Regarding the chromatic range, we could see a wide variety of tones among their garments, all of them united by the bright pink color as a nexus of ideas and colors of the designs. Without a doubt, Piquer gave us a very attractive proposal visually with colors that invite us to live.

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València, Jaime Piquer fashion show


He wanted to see Visori in action again. He amazed us in the first edition of CLEC and we knew that he would not disappoint us.

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València, Visori fashion show

Javier Soria is 100% committed to recycled fashion. His designs are handmade, creating new pieces from parts of other clothes. That is why it does not make two completely the same garments. Visori’s unisex proposals make clear his commitment to individuality and provide a plus of exclusivity that invades his workshop in Valencia, transcends the street and, of course, the catwalk.

In this second edition of CLEC, the firm did not leave anyone indifferent either. We were able to see surprising creations based on recycled materials that make us reflect on the importance of  creating  a sustainable environment through fashion. The denim was the protagonist of most of their designs, all of them imbued with Visori so recognizable style.

CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València, Visori fashion show

I hope this post about the CLEC Fashion Festival 2021 València has been interesting and illustrative. The CLEC had a previous edition, in 2019 and it was also very interesting. Here is the link in case you want to see some images of CLEC 2019 .

I am Sergi Albir, I am a professional photographer and if you need images of this event or of any other, you can contact me on WhatsApp: +34 644459753. I am also on Signal and Telegram, and my email is sergi@archerphoto.eu .

Anthy 35, manual lens for enjoying photography

Testing the Anthy 35, a manual lens, review by Sergi Albir, Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain

With so many photographers in the world it is not uncommon for one to want to make a difference with others. The choice of lenses, like this Anthy 35 by Yasuhara, can be a very important question in terms of the style of photography that we achieve. This is not a very expensive lens. It is not a very spectacular lens: it is a lens with personality and that has an undeniable charm when it comes to working.

In the photographs that I have uploaded there are two categories, so to speak: those that have not been processed except with the watermark and others, in which there is only my signature and if they have had editing in aspects such as contrast, clarity, etc.

In this review of the Anthy 35 produced by Yasuhara Co., Ltd I will talk a bit about the technical aspects, I will show some photos taken with it and I will comment, above all, my personal impression, because the data, important as it is, does not tell the story, it does not describe the feeling. I’ve been using Canon’s RF mount version (of course it’s a full frame lens), but the versions for other mounts are pretty much identical as far as I know.

I was taking some photos with Laura Carreras ( @lady_pequis ) and other pics around the city, especially testing the lens in low light conditions.

Technical details

First of all: the aperture of this lens is 1.8. So we could say that it competes with Canon’s RF 35 1.8, with the difference that Canon’s is autofocus. It’s a great lens, much more expensive, but it doesn’t have the retro point of being forced to work manually all the time. I, who started taking photos with a Mamiya SLR many years ago, I love the fact that I have the ring with the opening in my hand. It is comfortable and practical (some new autofocus lenses are incorporating the ring again, as in the case of Fuji) and it is just as fast to work. However, it is not a choice: the camera has to be operated in manual mode or aperture priority, because it has no way of controlling the diaphragm as it does not have a built-in motor.

More stuff: minimum focus at 29cm, 408g weight, a lens with a 7-group nine-element design and a built-in lens hood.

Testing the Anthy 35, a current manual lens. Archerphoto, photographer in Valencia

Although the lens is generally superb, here comes the part I like least about this lens: it will never transmit aperture information to the camera. In the EXIF ​​data there will never be anything about which aperture we have used and not even the model or brand of the lens used.

Actually, it is easy for later models to incorporate a chip in which the information is transmitted to the camera, but for now, it is not.

Anthy 35: Exclusivity

One of the interesting things about this lens is actually its exclusivity. Without being an expensive piece at all, it has a very limited production and distribution (my copy is 444), so we will be able to boast of an interesting lens that almost no one has. This contributes a lot to our valuing the particularities it has as positive. For example, it is a lens that, at its maximum aperture, vignettes a lot: the corners are darker. But if we want to correct that aspect, both for video and for photography it is extremely simple. And it is also true that after 2.8, the problem ceases to exist. The deformation issue, however, is almost non-existent, much like 35 others you may have had on hand.

Anthy 35, testing a manual lens, by Archerphoto, photographer in Valencia

We have already talked about the aperture ring, but we have not said anything about the very solid metal construction, which transmits reliability, or the practical sunshade that it includes to reduce some flares in case we do not want them. But actually, we do. Each of the flares and details that this lens offers are what gives personality to a lens that is obviously not made for everyone. It is a lens for photographers who want to enjoy the manual experience, so many times when you have the lens in your hand you will look for those flares. If JJ Abrams does (damn his Star Wars movies be three times), so do you.

Testing the Anthy 35, a manual lens, review by Sergi Albir, Archerphoto

More details about the Anthy 35

Regarding the tone, I would say that it has a small tendency towards warm tones, but just as we were talking about the vignetting issue, if we need to correct that aspect, or the camera or Lightroom, to name a couple of possibilities, it can help us.

Testing the Anthy 35, a manual lens, review by Sergi Albir, Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain

A 35 1.8 allows photos such as Laura’s portrait drawing. ISO 6400 in a full frame like the R6, which has a stabilizer, and 1/30 speed, and you can take night photography without any additional light and with reasonable noise.

Lady_pequis. Testing the Anthy 35, a current manual lens, review by Sergi Albir, Archerphoto

This Anthy 35 is a lens with sufficient definition, a nice bokeh and a correct general performance. But, I insist, the aspect of exclusivity and own personality are enough to arouse the interest of photographers with a personal perception of photography. Here we see a photo in its conventional version and then cutting out the detail a bit. Here we are using the maximum aperture and there is a good definition. It improves, of course, especially in the corners, when we are closing the diaphragm.

As usually buying this lens can be less simple than others, it is best to request it, for example, at https://yasuharausa.com/ , which is how I got it.

Testing the Anthy 35, a current manual lens, review by Sergi Albir, Archerphoto

There are more reviews of manual lenses on my Spanish website. I am Sergi Albir, I am a professional photographer in Spain. My Instagram, in case you want to gossip, is @Archerphoto . Mainly in Valencia, but I also go to other places. If you have a problem and you find me, maybe you can hire me . Ok, yes, this is what they said in the intro of Team A, but hey, for Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram, the +34 644459753 works and if not, email to sergi@archerphoto.eu .

Dance photo session in Valencia with Cris and Fani

I’m afraid I have too ingrained the theme of dancing in the street. I don’t know exactly what the reason is, but it is. In this case, a dance photo session in Valencia with Cristina Ros and Estefanía Molina, two dancers who also work as teachers. They accepted the proposal and we took a few photos around the city center. Without going too far, we were going with a couple of suitcases, but we were able to work with a certain peace of mind.

Cristina Ros dancing in València. Pic by Archerphoto, professional photographer.
Cristina Ros dancing in València.

One of the inconveniences that I must correct is my lack of knowing the names of the ballet steps. You seem a lot more idiotic trying to ask for what you want to get, and if not, it is at the expense of the ideas of the dancers. But what I lack in knowledge, luck made up for it, because both Cris and Fani had quite a few ideas about what we could do. There is no way to work with prepared people. Fani is more in the line of contemporary and Cris has the focus mainly on classic, but both are versatile.

Fani Molina dancing in València, pic by Archerphoto, Sergi Albir, dance photographer in València
Fani Molina dancing in València.

So good, saving the problems we had, it is always appreciated the effort that both made and that is reflected, I hope, in the images we get.

Cristina Ros, pic by Archerphoto, professional dance photographer in Spain
Cristina Ros.

Gear for the dance photoshoot

On this occasion, for the dance photo session in Valencia with Cris and Fani, the equipment used was the EOS R6, a Canon 70-200 F4 L, a Canon 24-105 F4 L II and a 135 F2 L. take some manual optics with me, but despite everything, it didn’t seem like a good idea to give up autofocus, especially when moving, so all I brought were optics perfectly adapted to this system and that provided sufficient quality. The R6’s burst shooting is very practical, but in general, for these things, it is best to rely on each other’s ability. In that regard, I still have to work more with this camera to get the best results and, in addition, to be able to express a clear opinion.

Estefanía Molina, dancer, by Archerphoto. Dance photo session in Valencia
Estefanía Molina during her photography session.

I am Sergi Albir, a professional photographer in Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and many more places. If you need to contact me, you can send me an email to this, my mail, sergi@archerphoto.eu, or a message to +34 644459753, from Signal, Whatsapp or Telegram. What you like most. On Instagram you can find me as @Archerphoto .

You can read the Spanish version of this Dance photo session in Valencia post (including more pics) in https://archerphoto.eu/sesion-de-fotos-de-danza-en-valencia-con-cris-y-fani/



Photoshoot in Valencia with Leticia

Photoshoot in Valencia with Leticia

I want to show a bit of the photoshoot in Valencia with Leticia. There are days when everything goes well. And days that have not even started, go wrong and everything works out. Get up at four in the morning with one eye crying and think that you are going to get another stye the size of a duck egg (this happens to me from time to time and it does not seem to be serious, but it does show and drama), fix it and That later an interesting session like the one I did with Leticia Serrano comes out is the kind that makes me think that almost everything can be fixed.

Photo session in Valencia with Leticia by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain

As usual, Nadia Alba took care of the makeup and that is always a safety net. Sometimes I work without a professional makeup artist, but in general, that usually means fewer suitable photos. That is why I always try to have that factor, because in the end, what counts are the results.

In this case we combine a part of online fitness photography and the ther part was in a different point of view, more like boudoir . The light scheme was different, and in the fitness ones, obviously, the idea was to highlight the details of Leticia’s musculature, which is spectacular and the result of long and intense work: she does not compete in any category but remains in one category. similar line throughout the year. Best of all, despite not having much experience on camera, he quickly adapted to the issues necessary for the shoot. Returning to the light, it is not only the position, but the type of light used, which usually offers different results. Using tungsten is energy inefficient (these lights use a lot) but for some jobs it is almost essential.

Leticia understood the working method and that allowed us to get a good amount of material, which later had to be chosen. Actually, this is one of the parts where a session sometimes runs aground: if the choice is not appropriate, everything else can be hidden. Literally. But a relatively small part of the session is always processed.

So far the photoshoot in Valencia with Leticia. If you want to follow her, she is on Instagram as @sick0fhappiness and offers personal trainings in Albacete, but she has a limit in terms of the number of people she can take simultaneously, so hurry up to contact her. If what you need are photos, I am Sergi Albir and I am a professional photographer. My email is sergi@archerphoto.eu and my WhatsApp and Telegram are +34 644459753. On Instagram, @archerphoto and @archerphoto2 .

One thing more: you can read this post in Spanish: Sesión de fotos en València con Leticia.

Photo session in Valencia with Leticia by Sergi Albir, professional photographer

Photo shoot in València in 2020 with Mirela

We’ve had to wait until June for this photoshoot in València in 2020. As my posts remain online until I read them again, I will comment that until now we have been in alarm with certain restrictions due to COVID- 19. And we still have a few of them in force, but at least we can see, move and take photos. It is already an advance. In this case I did a session with Mirela and, as you can judge, the results were very good.

You can read this article in Spanish: Sesión de fotos en València en 2020 con Mirela. And you’ll find some additional pics there.

Mirela, portrait, photo shoot in València in 2020 by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain (2)

Working with Mirela was extremely easy even though it was my first time doing a session and she even confessed to me that she had been nervous the night before. In a few minutes it was launched and we were able to take photos in just over two hours. Usually everything costs a little more, but we were probably lucky with the location, the clothes and the inconveniences when it comes to choosing the material to process.

Mirela, photo shoot in València in 2020 by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain (2)

Where was this photo shoot done?

The setting for this photo shoot in València in 2020 was the Parc Central . It is not the closest green open space, but it is one which has captivated me so fast. Not only for its vegetation and design, but probably because it was a space that had been stolen from the city for many years. A huge park and close to the city center is something we missed a lot.

Mirela, photo shoot in València in 2020 by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain (3)

If you liked these photo shoot in València in 2020 and you think about taking a session, contacting me is very simple: just a message to +34 644459753 or better yet, an email to sergi@archerphoto.eu and I can send you a quote. Remember, yes, tell me where you write from, and keep in mind that if you are a minor, the authorization of your parents or legal guardians is absolutely essential for the session.

Mirela, photo shoot in València in 2020 by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain (2)

Soon I will be offering photography classes. If you want to follow me on Instagram, @archerphoto .

Another portrait session.

CLEC Fashion Festival in Valencia, 2020

CLEC Fashion Festival Miquel Suay 5

The city of València gets again an important fashion show: CLEC Fashion Festival. Some years ago, Valencia Fashion Week, a public-financed event, was cancelled due to budget cuts. With economic problems all around the spend in fashion seemed superficial and completely useless. As a matter of fact, it was conceived as a platform to help Valencian designers to try and sell their collections, but as a matter of fact, they just could show them. Sales were really insignificant, so it was condemned when the government changed of sign.

But this new show is completely privately funded (even when the spectacular venue where was celebrated is public, the Hemisfèric, in City of Arts and Sciences) and that may grant their progress. However, it’s just two days and an important part of the shown pieces were alredy shown. But it’s affordable, it’s interesting, it includes gastronomy and may help to improve the commercial side of local creators. All of this, of course, if coronavirus crisis doesn’t get everything completely stopped.

CLEC Fashion Festival 2020 desfile Montesinos

February 21st and 22nd 2020 were the days for this CLEC Fashion Festival who had some consolidated designers like Francis Montesinos or Miquel Suay, and other like Visori or Isabel Sanchís, really great but less known yet.

I let here some classified galleries of the most interesting catwalks. They may be different than you expect, but there was no straight path: the runway was completely circular.

Francis Montesinos

[foogallery id=”1982″]

Miquel Suay

[foogallery id=”1988″]

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

[foogallery id=”1995″]


If you are interested in fashion, please, contact me with a mail to sergi@archerphoto.eu or Whatsapp to  +34 644459753 . Check my Instagram @archerphoto :)

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