Photographer for Real Estate

Photographer for Real Estate

In real estate a sale can be a benefit of tens of thousands of euros. But real estate agents are not always willing to optimize their sales using professional photographs. Many factors are important in a sale. And very different factors: the product, the buyer’s needs, the treatment of the seller, the existence of alternatives or financial capacity. But it is clear that the better the photos, the more potential customers we will attract.

So, a small investment in professional photography can bring great benefits . Why is not a usual practice in Spain? Because in the real estate business payment it is usually charged after the operation is closed. The financial capacity of the real estate companies is usually very small compared to the volume of business they move.

The first thing they think about real estate when they hear about professional photography is “another useless cost”. However, they usually recognize that it could be useful for their sales. Then they decide to buy a small camera, but better than the one they have. But obviously, the camera does not do the photos alone , so the results are virtually unchanged. But if you work – or own – for a real estate company and want to increase your profit margins, in Archerphoto we have possible solutions in real estate photography that can be adapted to your case.

The Fitness Sanctuary by Sergi Albir, Archerphoto, Photographer for Real Estate,Valencia photographer

Contact us for an interview at , or call us at +34 644459753 (phone number in Spain) if you need professional photographs. It can be the way to improve your sales immediately. We are currently working in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón but we will travel – it would not be the first, nor the second, nor the third time – to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville or any place where you need us.

Take advantage of the capabilities of a professional photographer

In addition to the photographs, the tools and current capabilities available to a professional photographer for real estate allow us, if necessary, to repair some problems that may have the property. If some tiles have fallen or the house does not have light at present, or there is some object that we want to remove from view, we can use photo retouching or lighting techniques to solve the problem. And if in addition to photography, you need a video report, it is also within our possibilities.

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The Fitness Sanctuary by Sergi Albir, Archerphoto, Photographer for Real Estate,Alicante photographer