Recent photographs

There are times that people want to take a quick look at the photos and not go looking for each post. So I created this quick gallery of selected recent photographs.

Aga dancing with fire

It is not that there is a special criterion to group them, and they will also change. The only sure thing about these photos is that I have uploaded them recently. Some are reprocessed, or have never seen each other and climb for the first time. If you want more information about one, ask for it. These screenshots will change so that what is really a gallery of recent photos is true.

[foogallery id=”1844″]

Some links about photography on this website

If you want to contact me right now: or a message at +34644459753. Info about photo sessions for individuals. Information about portfolio for models , actresses, etc. About corporate photography. There is a lot of content on my website. There are photos that belong to fashion lookbooks, there is information on positioning, there are some videos and many types of photography. From pregnant photos to events such as weddings or sporting or cultural events. There are photographs in studio and photographs outdoors. I have advice on how to get better in photos and also images of cities. And pictures of cats.Information about the types of plans. So here there are basically pictures. I hope you liked this collection of recent selected photographs. If you want to follow me on Instagram, .