Modeling Portfolio

Modeling Portfolio

Actresses, models, hostesses, dancers … Many people need a good portfolio to get better jobs.

We can help you have a great portfolio. If you contacted us through our commercial network, do not forget to tell us who respect the deal that made you.

Our way of working is simple: We do a session and e-mail the photos in a low-resolution version to choose the model which wants to get final art. Subsequently we deliver a DVD -or a digital HQ release- with all photos taken for the session in high resolution, besides which you have agreed to get final art.

Jessica in her modeling portfolio by Archerphoto, photographer in Valencia
Jéssica in her portfolio

The client may use the photos to show his/her work, always quoting the author, and can print all need many times as desired.


We all aspire to project a good image.

Being in the hands of professionals can provide great benefits: the photos to your resume or to illustrate your personal website can provide an extra factor in your public image.

Improving your personal image can help you in your professional or personal experience: we all look at the photos, particularly when we walked in social networks: Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn, we can get better results when we have  good profile pictures.

A well-managed self-image will improve its relationship with the rest of the world: an image is a message and transmit exactly the message you want. A professional photographer will help you get it.

A girl posing for her modeling portfolio by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain

We have a studio in Valencia , but we can move to any location that you personally find interesting, your home or your workplace.

And there are always more options: family portraits, with your pet, with his group of friends or your team.

In our gallery you will find different examples. If you had special needs, please let me know.


You probably have lots of doubts about your portfolio. This could help.

I am a rookie … Is shyness a problem?

At all. I’m used to working with models who are starting, even those who have never done a session. At the beginning is slow, but after twenty or thirty pictures everything is much easier.

How many pictures do you shoot in a session?

It is one of the common questions. It depends . Typically, between two and five hundred, but occasionally they may be more.

Can I have pictures in black and white?

Yes. I usually shoot in color, but I can process them in various ways so that they are in black, sepia, exaggerated colors and white etc … There are many options for the portfolio not being monotonous.

Gema in her modeling portfolio by Sergi Albir, photographer for models and social networks in Valencia, Spain.

Can I come with me a friend?

Yes and no. You should not to bring anyone else because it is very likely that they may you lose your concentration and the result may be worsened. However, you must notify your parents, friends or family where you are and what you’re doing to your own confidence. We are a company with nothing to hide, registered in the Commercial Register and with a physical address. The company is called Jalalala, SL, and NIF B97824387. In our “Contact and privacy” you can see more details.

Of course, if you want a joint session, no problem, but I only recommend this for professionals or people who already have a lot of confidence. It brings more trouble than it looks and requires that both you may behave as if there were no one else looking at you. If you are not feeling completely able to perform like that, it will cost you a lot to get the right attitude.

I saw a picture in a magazine that I liked …Can I have the same?

Hard to say. Bring the pic and we can try, but there are times when a picture magazine has several illuminators, makeup artists, stylists, Photoshop retouching … For such cases, I will make a special budget. However, even when you try to copy pictures,  it’s very possible you will find another pic in the session we shoot that you like more.

I would like to become a pair of headshots only for my parents … Must I pay a whole session?

We have different packages, so we can adapt to your needs.

I want to be a model and want to become a book !!!! If you’ve decided you need a book, write a message to or call us during office hours -but remember, I am in Spain, Europe- at +34 6444 5 9753, also Whatsapp. You can see examples in the gallery.

I’m not sure that it will be alright, I always look bad in pictures.

The fact that so far you haven’t look great in pictures does not mean you can not get fantastic. The conventional phone camera lenses tend to distort the faces and usual circumstances are unsuitable to get you good results. A person prepared, make-up, hairdressed and decided to look great in the photo, with the right light, the camera with the right optics and a professional photographer is a set of factors that will get a good result.

But above all, what most influences to do well is in session there are two (or more) people, some professionals, working for hours to get out right photos. When you shoot a conventional picture, the time you spend on it is, on average, fifteen seconds. If you apply mathematics there are about 1500 times more likely to look great in a photo shoot that one you’ve done with your friends. Not to mention the skills of the photographer.

Do you shoot in UK/ USA/ Australia/ Japan/ Wherever?

I would love to. I usually work in Valencia, Spain, but if you cover my expenses, I’m going.

I want to be a model and want to become a book !!!! If you’ve decided you need a book, write a message to or call us during office hours -but remember, I am in Spain, Europe- at +34 6444 5 9753, also Whatsapp. You can see examples in the gallery.

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