Events photographer in Spain

Life is fleeting. The photos of an event allow us to capture the moments that would otherwise be lost. Although this may sound somewhat poetic, event photography is so important in the world of business and personal life.

Corporate events

When a meeting, a conference, a product presentation or an important agreement is essential to have the communication properly organized. If we manage this info we can get news appearing in newspapers and media.

It is a fact that a photo in the news photo (or even video coverage in digital media) will capture the reader’s attention. Today, editors receive hundreds of press releases, but if they get good pictures attached their work will be easuer, and this fact directly  will affect the visibility of your company. All editors want quality content for they media. If your content is better, you will be one step ahead your competition.

Family and personal events

There is no need to remind anyone that birthdays, weddings, baptisms, confirmations, anniversaries of all kinds, communions, Bar Mitzvah and other events there always willing several relatives and friends eager to capture the moment. But the fact of having a good camera in no way guarantees that they will obtain good images. There are also many amateur wedding photographers who are only engaged in this work during the weekend. On the other hand you have professional photographers  really dedicated to photography and audiovisual. Make sure you hire a good professional.

Fashion events

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Other events:

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I am Sergi Albir, Events photographer in Spain. If you need pictures  mail me to  or Whatsapp to +34 644459753 and we can start working immediatly .If you need to see more photos,
Events photographer in Spain. Archerphoto. Evenementen fotografie in Spanje.

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