Local photographer for hire

When you visit a city you love to have pictures of your visit. However, sometimes it’s not easy getting the best pic while you’re enjoying the place. But you can have it all. Just hire me and I will guide you all around the city and take you the best pictures. And don’t worry about carrying lenses, cameras or processing the pics: you just enjoy the city, the food and the company with the help of your local photographer for hire.

The Art of Paloma in Valencia by Archerphoto, local photographer for hire.
Paloma in Valencia

My work as a local photographer for hire it has not been important yet: I usually shoot portfolio for models, but I’ve lived in Valencia all my life and I can get you great pictures. I am a people person, an English-speaking photographer with a lot of experience.

And of course, you can have some advantages of a local who knows the city and the best places to go. Hire a vacation photographer today and get your pictures to be impressive.

2 hours: About 30 pictures, 150 €. Up to 5 people.

3 hours: About 45 pictures, 250 €. Up to 5 people.

Additional fees for person may apply. Transport fees or entrances for photographer not included.

If you are decided to reach me, sergi@archerphoto.eu is my mail and you can find me also via Whatsapp or Telegram in +34 644459753 . It’s best to send a message because I can’t use the phone while I’m shooting.