Commercial Photographer in Spain

When you are working as a commercial photographer, you understand work is conceived to some particular purpose. Photography, in this case is not exactly an art but a tool to help someone to show products, business, activities, facilities or estates. Understanding this, I try to achieve the best results and try to help my clients. But it is important to have a fluent communication and being especially keen to absorb a high percentage of the suggestions the client will provide, kindly discarding the ones that won’t get the job done in its optimum. When you work with Archerphoto, you can be sure that we will be listening to your ideas and we will try to get them with cost efficiency. I have been working in Spain almost all my life, so I can provide special accuracy for cost details.

Commercial Photographer in Spain

Commercial photographer in Spain 사진 摄影 西班牙 스페인


Adverts, merchandising, product placement. Photos for corporate brochures, fashion, fitness and portrait photography. All kinds of photography that can help you to promote your business. And also, similar works with video: you can take a look to some of our works in our reel. Recently we’ve began to shoot in 4K.


But not all the jobs are the same: production can be very different for each, so we can provide with a wide range of production elements: models, illumination, make-up, transportation or edition, we can manage each detail. We’ve been producing some short movies and soon we will be releasing a new production. As a matter of fact, you can find me (Sergi Albir) in IMDB.

Commercial photographer Spain


I am Sergi Albir, professional photographer. If you need good pictures, contact me. I work mostly in Valencia, Spain, but if you cover the travel expenses you can count on me anywhere it takes, worldwide. My email: and my phone with Whatsapp and Telegram, +34644459753

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