2017 photo sessions

One of the purposes of a photographer’s website is to display the photos he or she does. If not, our pictures have much less public exposure. So from time to time I release some post in which I show some samples of the photo sessions I’ve been doing lately. They are not all I do, of course. Frequently clients want photos to be exclusively used for their promotional use. It is reasonable that some lawyers whom I’ve worked want to keep their images exclusively on their websites. I hope you like them.

2017 photo sessions

Sesiones de fotos en Valencia. Fotos de Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional. Marisol
Marisol in València.
Sesiones de fotos en Valencia, Sergi Albir, Archerphoto.
Lucía before San Juan’s church.
Sesiones de fotos . Fotos de Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional. Sofía.
Sofía at Gym Rafel X-Force.

In other cases, especially aspiring models, seeing themselves on a photographer’s website can come in handy: it encourages them and occasionally gets them some work.

Sesiones de fotos en Valencia. Fotos de Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional. Gema.
Gema in black and white.

Photo sessions for everyone

As many people ask me, I will say that I am not only working for models or companies: if you want to have your personal portraits, whatever your profession, appearance or reason is, I will be happy to work for you. If you need, we will incorporate make-up and hairdressing. We can even look for costumes for your session, whether in studio or outdoors.

photo sessions 2017 professional photographer Valencia Spain
Sara in her photo session in 2017.
sesiones de fotos en 2017 . Fotos de Archerphoto, fotógrafo profesional. Marisol, sesiones de fotos en Valencia
Marisol, sports look.

I usually do photo sessions in València, Madrid, Castellón, Alicante and Barcelona, ​​but it is not uncommon for me to go anywhere else. If you are, I do not know, in Zaragoza, Tarragona, Vitoria or Seville, to say a few places, you can also call me to make a book or to photograph companies.

Contacting is simple: sergi@archerphoto.eu or a Whatsapp to +34 644459753 and we can talk. If you want to see my photos more regularly, the most practical thing is that you come here often (you can subscribe to the RSS) or pass by my Flickr, I usually upload photos every day: http: // flickr .com / photos / archerphoto .

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Do I need professional photos to work as a model?

Very often I receive pictures of boys and girls who want to know if their photos are suitable for present theirselves to an agency. Most occasions are not. Maybe they could be good, but often the images I receive are terrible. I decided to write this post that answers the question “Do I need professional photos to work as a model?”.

Can I go to an agency with a book made by a non-professional photographer?

Yes, you can, but you do not want.

Nowadays business are selling millions of digital cameras. Many of them give a very high image quality. Huge resolution. Stabilized lenses. All of this is fantastic, but it does not make the person holding the camera a good photographer. It is important to say, too, that there are excellent amateur photographers and terrible professional photographers. Why should you choose a professional photographer? It’s simple: a person who spends a lot of time on a trade and gets to eat from it is quite likely to have the skills you need.

¿Necesito fotos profesionales para trabajar como modelo?

Let’s suppose an amateur photographer does very good pictures, are they worth it?

The problem is that you do not know. It is possible that you think your criteria is enough to distinguish a good photo from a bad one, and which photos are suitable for a modeling agency, but let’s be honest, you probably can’t tell. It is likely you don’t have enough experience, you have not looked at enough photos and you do need help to know which is better. If that’s not the case and you really have a spectacularly good eye, you should probably look for a job as a director of photography in a newspaper. In short: although they seem good to you, that pictures are probably not good enough to get you jobs.

Should I work with any professional photographer I find?

Let’s talk about cars. Let’s say you have big company and a known brand and you need a driver who gives you enough reliability to play a decent role in a rally. Almost certainly your decision will not be to choose to a taxi driver or a bus driver for that task. You will find a specialized person. It’s the same for your portfolio.

I do not like the idea of ​​investing money in a session. What happens if I go with photos that my classmate has made me with the super camera that her father gave her at Christmas?

Chances are nothing will happen. As is. You send the photos and nothing happens. They do not call you, or they answer you telling you they don’t want you. On many occasions they will not explain to you that your pictures are bad. If you send photos that look right for you, but they are not professional material, you will be transmitting a bad image, mainly in two aspects: you are not a person to take this work seriously (and nobody wants to work with models that do not arrive on time, simply don’t show or make excuses) and also you don’t have the look to be part of that agency.

Professional Photographer València Spain Valencia fotógrafo profesional fotografo
Carmen Álvarez in her portfolio

But there are agencies that will take any photo…

And so it goes. You just have to pay attention to the impression they convey. It is true that there are very different profiles, but that does not mean that any kind of photo works: perhaps everybody can be worth, but whoever he or she is, they will always want to see him or her well.

OK. I need professional photos to work as a model. Why shouldn’t I take the pics they offer me at the agency?

The main business of the agency is not taking photos, but finding work for models. The most common thing for agencies, even if it is not convenient for them, is that they choose novice photographers to cover their needs. Badly paid and inexperienced, you will be charged as a really good photographer, and that difference is a whole benefit for the agency. It is always better for you working with an independent photographer whose income depends on the photos he makes and how good he is. Your reputation is at stake.

In my town there are only three photographers and none of them seems to be specialized in fashion.

Life is hard. Maybe you’ll have to catch a bus! The portfolio is an essential part of your career. And anyway, the jobs that you may find as a model will not be in your village. If you can not find a suitable photographer in your population be ready to move.

So far, the post. I hope I have made it clear that, in summary, it is necessary having professional photos to work as a model. Surely you already know that I am a professional photographer and that I dedicate myself to making books for models, so if you need one, you can contact me at sergi@archerphoto.eu or on the phone, with Whatsapp, +34 644459753. Tell me where you write from so I can provide information as quickly as possible. I work as a photographer mainly in València, Madrid, or London ​​but if you prefer that we take your photos somewhere else, we can talk about it.

How much do models earn?

One of the questions that often appears in some informal conversations I have with people who are not in the world of photography and fashion have to do with how much a professional model wins. It’s a question that has a similar answer to if you were asked how much a professional athlete earns. Depends on the category. There are models and footballers who earn absolutely nothing and perform their activity for reasons other than money. Sometimes because they are in shape, sometimes because they like to show off or because they think that at the beginning of their career they can not ask for money because they do not contribute too much to generate money.

How much do models earn?

In any case, there is a huge variability between what a semi-professional or professional model charges for a catwaik, which can be between 50 and 300 € and the fantastic figures that move some stars. Figures that can make you dizzy. An example: Naomi Campbell won in 2013 about 49 million dollars. This is not a common trend, but Gisele Bundchen made in 2007 about 33 million dollars and Kate Moss, that same year, hardly 9. Miranda Kerr usually does, to put another example, around 7 million dollars to the year.

If we look at 2016, the list of the best paid stands out much more to -again- Gisele Budchen, but probably because she includes her income in businesses in which it she has participated and actively invested. In this case, the figures are in sterling pounds, because my source is – I’m sorry – the Daily Mirror.

Top 7 in 2016

Gisele Bundchen, 308 million pounds.
Adriana Lima, 8.1 million pounds.
Karlie Kloss, 7.8 million pounds.
Kendall Jenner, 7.7 million pounds.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 6.9 million pounds.
Gigi Hadid, 6.9 million pounds.
Cara Delevigne, 6.9 million pounds.

It’s not just the catwalk

How much do models earn?

However, today, the most important part of the income is obtained in publicity campaigns, being the image of the top brands or attending events. From there, it is difficult to define what a “professional model” is. Some girls – and guys – who have not posed for any publication, but have a lot of followers in social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with profiles in many Similar to a model, earn comparable figures. Kendall Jenner has an important part of her income, for example, for that reason. She gets between $ 125,000 and $ 300,000 for every Instagram post. From there, of course, you have to pay expenses like professional photography, makeup, public relations and others. In spite of everything it is evident that it is a good business.

So determining how much a professional model earns is extremely complex if it is not defined before we speak. It is not standardized work such as a local police or air traffic controller. The figures of what is charged per day of work – by a normal model – can be misleading: not every day there is a catwalk, and yet you have to go to the gym, stay in shape and invest money to stay wonderful .

In any case, I am not a model, I am a professional photographer. If you need a portfolio to make a name for yourself into the wonderful world of professional models, that would be the first step you should take. My email is sergi@archerphoto.eu . My phone, with Whatsapp included is +34 644459753.