About Archerphoto, photographer in Valencia

About Archerphoto

  • Even when I tend to speak in plural, Archerphoto is basically Sergi Albir, a photographer in Valencia.

However, teamwork is frequently the way results are achieved. Most times make-up, hairdressing, creative aid, lighting assistants, sound crew or editing people can collaborate to the results. Sergi Albir is CEO of Jalalala SL and directs all these tasks, but it’s not the only one who’s working.
Sergi has been a photographer during some years. He’s also a journalist, economist and he’s got, also, experience in radio and other media. He was born in Valencia, Spain and he works mostly there. He is an English-speaking photographer who is writing all this.
He hates speaking of himself in third person but it’s “such a corporate style” that results him unavoidable. If you want to keep him smiling, talk him about Joss Whedon.


I am always thinking forward. Sometimes is a short movie, a radio script or new pics, but I just can’t be stopped. My facebook page it’s the best way to follow me, but I recommend you to check all places if you want to have a wide perspective. For instance, in my Tumblr I can show some pics that I just can’t have available for everybody in Flickr or Facebook, as long as they can be too restrictive with nude human bodies.

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Did You Know
Sergi Albir is also an economist and has been publishing articles in press for 15 years.
He’s been in radio and TV shows. Now he’s writing scripts, articles and producing material for Jalalala and other companies. He’s been even an actor in some short films, and he’s been working in lots of different places: from bell boy to marketing manager, or maritime operations officer.

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Professional photographer in Spain

If you need to contact a professional photographer in Spain, you can do it here immediatly: my mail is sergi@archerphoto.eu and my phone number, with Whatsapp and Telegram, is +34 644459753. Feel free to contact me for an estimate, but be patient. When I’m shooting, I’m not answering the phone, so I recommend you always try to reach any photographer by message. I work as a professional photographer in Valencia, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Lisbon, Rome, Brighton or wherever I’m needed.

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