More dancing pics

More dancing pics

Yes, it’s one of my weaknesses. The theme of the dance seems to me really attractive and whenever I can, I take pictures on this occasion. In general, the elegance of classical dance is what attracts me, but almost any aspect of it gets my attention, including similar issues, such as gymnastics, are also quite striking for a professional photographer. Both black and white and color, opportunities are often spectacular. In many cases, the most complicated is to capture the moment, but the truth is that given the harmony of the whole movement, although dancers are very demanding clients, for the observer the result is frequently captivating. In this case, the photos are made in Valencia and Castellón, but if you’re in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, London or, indeed, almost anywhere, can talk about the possibility of getting photos.

Photographer for dancers in Spain

Photographer for dance - professional photographer Valencia Spain







I am a professional photographer and you can contact me with an e-mail to , phoning me or sending me a Whatsapp or Telegram in office hours to +34 6444 5 9753.  You can see some additional pics in my gallery.Portfolio for dancers, actresses and athletes, pro and amateur. And also all other kind of pictures.

You can see also pics in my Flickr, usually one new picture a day

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