Night Shots

Night Shots

There are things you can not avoid. For me night shots are kind of a hard addiction to overcome. It is true that I am carrying  the camera often, but  night it has that special charm: it’s a little more difficult taking pictures in low light because you often have to be careful with the shutter speed, but, in return, using large openings gives us lights blurred in the background. A traffic light with daylight has little interest but becomes a green light at the bottom when the night has arrived.

Night shots, by by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain

Opportunities today’s cameras offer are not to be missed by photographers, both professional and amateurs, because it’s worth experimenting.

One of the curious things about night photography is the photographer suffers an influence which in most cases is negative: the color temperature of light sources –  especially streetlights- used to be too low because of the sodium vapor bulbs , which for a long time were the most efficient way to light up a city. The most efficient, yes, but the yellowish tone was extremely difficult to remove. At present they are being replaced by LED lighting, which is even more efficient and hardly affects the color that the camera and the human eye perceive.

Here is a photo illustration about changing light bulbs, and in the picture of the Port of Valencia you can find at the beginning you can also clearly see the difference between light sources color temperatures too low  for cameras to compensate automatically (approximately 2400K) and higher color temperature (between about 5400 and 6500 K, the whiter ones).

Night Shots: differences in color temperature
Night Shots: differences in color temperature

Car lights are also changing. The new xenon lights and LEDs give different temperatures at the car lights have been around for a few years. But sometimes the yellow tones themselves are much appreciated.

Dancing, by by Archerphoto, English speaking professional photographer in Valencia, Spain
Ava dancing at night
Rain in Finsbury Park, London. Night Photos by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain
Rain in Finsbury Park, London.
Night Shots and Speed. by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain
Night flares, by Archerphoto, English-speaking professional photographer
Night flares

If you want to see more night shots, you can take a look in

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