Cameras and photographers

It’s a fact that photographer make the pictures and  cameras are just tools.  A camera, for good or bad it is, will have the results determined by what the person has in his hands get. So most times the camera is not the differentiating factor. That said, a Spanish web, released a study based on the EXIF ​​data from the cameras of World Press Photo 2015. Basic conclusions have been that – at least this year – Canon is sweeping the floor with competition. Specifically, EOS 5D Mark III is the camera which has gotten more winning photos.

Statistics and graphs
Statistics and graphs

Obviously, everyone likes to know that your camera is the one that has been most successful (and myself), but beyond that, most professional photographers agree that Canon and Nikon and obtain very similar results when we speak of images.

Cameras and photographers. Why Canon is taking the upper hand?

Now, I have tended to always keep the theory that the fact that Canon, in general, is less expensive and there is more supply in resale. And I have often seen the professionals working with Canon. So when we talk about professional use, has results like these. The second prize is for EOS 1D X, a camera even better than the 5D Mark III, but much more expensive. The 5D Mark II, an earlier model of Canon, takes third place. Nikon takes very little, Apple takes a prize with an iPhone and Sony is notably absent. I do find remarkable the presence of Olympus and their EVILs. The 5D Mark III has just seen announced its successors, the 5Ds and 5DR, but the general impressions, so far, are new EOS are not as bright as the two previous models, despite the impressive 50 megapixel camera that can capture. We’ll see if the new cameras quickly replace the Mark III.

As I say, what matters is not usually the camera. With a humble Ixus 40 can be made interesting pictures. Well, actually I already can not. Lens got jammed and never got back to life.

Archerphoto, photographer in Spain

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