Train Stations

Train Stations

Train stations have always caught the attention of photographers and painters. There are a thousand reasons: reunions, farewells, huge machines, travel, video movies and series, comics or books … But, for me, a main reason is probably because of a schoolmate, who remember constantly drawing trains-I suppose he would be doing more things, of course, but my childhood memories are rather scarce, and I guess I ended up acquiring part of his interests somehow. So as stations are attracting me as buildings with a very specific purpose, which also tend to maintain an aesthetic taste that beats the crap  airports, often designed far less visually.

Liverpool Street Station - Estaciones de tren
Liverpool Street Station, London

Interestingly, almost each time I’m  in a big station I feel familiar with the site: trains sooth me, airports often bring me the feeling that if I’m wrong with whatever nonsense the plane depart without me. Tube stations do not cause me so many feelings (although here I have also placed some photos). I’m explaining this just for the uncanny case someone had a special interest to know  how I feel about the Metropolitan Transportation …

Anyway, the train stations are, for me, quite attractive and I am not alone, so I’ve compiled some of my photos that item and / or location.

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