My first exhibition in Japan

My first exhibition in Japan

The truth is that so far I have just exposed in the Internet and this is my first solo exhibition. I’ve never been to Fukuoka, Daimyo, Japan, but I know the curator thanks to I’m there, Elaine Yaumara Ramirez. Elaine told me about the possibility and, honestly, I had no trouble deciding to prepare the material that I had working during months to show.

There is a small text explaining or, more specifically, justifying artistic content of the exhibition, which can not be seen in Internet and, for now, will not be seen in Spain (my country).  I would go to Japan, but as I were joking on my Facebook, none of my friends had offered to drive me to my first exhibition.

The content of this first part are projections over skin, all in black and white. Telling just like that  does not sound so artistic. Perhaps it’s better get deeper  so I’ll paste the text I wrote for the exhibition.

The concept of projection is the angular point in the narrative. The body as a canvas and, simultaneously, as an object to expose, is the classic paradox, the game of words without words, unfunny joke and transposition of the two-dimensional array object and canvas, the content and the continent without giving up a simplistic Cartesian that is translated in contrasted black and white, eliminating unnecessary nuances and allows concentration on core essence.

My first exhibition in Japan

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