Fitness photography

Fitness photography

There are people in this world who are really concerned about their bodies. So they are especially interested in having pictures. Frequently they compete in bodybuilding and fitness competitions and I’ve been shooting as a professional photographer in some of them. I do appreciate the effort they do, even when it’s very far from my own personal interests. However, I’ve learnt a lot from them and their way of life. And about how they prepare to compete, and how they face their challenges. Some of them are even my friends, and some of my friends have been really successful. Like María Herranz (, Miss Universe 2014 or Ana Insa, Alexandra García and Jaime Vergara, all of them Spanish Champions.

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I’ve developed a separate style for this kind of work: they are eager to see each detail and are, mostly, less interested in elaborated compositions. So, most of those pictures seem not to be exactly my style, but I’ve arrived to the conclusion these is a part of me now. So I have a mixed, perhaps heterogeneous, even eclectic style. When we are taking their shots during a competition, they are having their bodies at the peak of their capacity. It’s been a long work and they expect to get the maximum detail.

However, if you need professional fitness and/or bodybuilding pictures, feel free to contact me in I live in Spain but I can shoot wherever you are. Or you can travel here. It’s up to you.


María Herranz, by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain
María Herranz


Fitness photography, Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain
Jorge Nieto


Photo by Archerphoto, professional photographer Spain
Jaime Vergara


Photo by Archerphoto, commercial photographer Spain
Alexandra García


Fitness photography by Archerphoto, professional photographer.
Ana Insa


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