Dance photo session in Valencia with Cris and Fani

I’m afraid I have too ingrained the theme of dancing in the street. I don’t know exactly what the reason is, but it is. In this case, a dance photo session in Valencia with Cristina Ros and Estefanía Molina, two dancers who also work as teachers. They accepted the proposal and we took a few photos around the city center. Without going too far, we were going with a couple of suitcases, but we were able to work with a certain peace of mind.

Cristina Ros dancing in València. Pic by Archerphoto, professional photographer.
Cristina Ros dancing in València.

One of the inconveniences that I must correct is my lack of knowing the names of the ballet steps. You seem a lot more idiotic trying to ask for what you want to get, and if not, it is at the expense of the ideas of the dancers. But what I lack in knowledge, luck made up for it, because both Cris and Fani had quite a few ideas about what we could do. There is no way to work with prepared people. Fani is more in the line of contemporary and Cris has the focus mainly on classic, but both are versatile.

Fani Molina dancing in València, pic by Archerphoto, Sergi Albir, dance photographer in València
Fani Molina dancing in València.

So good, saving the problems we had, it is always appreciated the effort that both made and that is reflected, I hope, in the images we get.

Cristina Ros, pic by Archerphoto, professional dance photographer in Spain
Cristina Ros.

Gear for the dance photoshoot

On this occasion, for the dance photo session in Valencia with Cris and Fani, the equipment used was the EOS R6, a Canon 70-200 F4 L, a Canon 24-105 F4 L II and a 135 F2 L. take some manual optics with me, but despite everything, it didn’t seem like a good idea to give up autofocus, especially when moving, so all I brought were optics perfectly adapted to this system and that provided sufficient quality. The R6’s burst shooting is very practical, but in general, for these things, it is best to rely on each other’s ability. In that regard, I still have to work more with this camera to get the best results and, in addition, to be able to express a clear opinion.

Estefanía Molina, dancer, by Archerphoto. Dance photo session in Valencia
Estefanía Molina during her photography session.

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