Circus photography

Circus photography

It was a while since I went to the circus, but I was invited to the Circo Gran Fele (in Valencia, Spain) and, of course, had to shoot there. That  flying trapeze artists is a fact that had always interested me do. I do not mean pictures, but to actually do it. But my athletic skills were limited when I was young and now they are not lacking, but honestly, I can do little more than jump over a trench or get on a branch to do some weird photo. Little more. So, it’s good to see people doing impossible things up there that I find really captivating. And from below, with 135mm, and considering that lighting crew is only illuminating them, if you’re around, you can take some interesting images.

Still, I’m more interested in backstage photos, and I’m working on the possibility to take pictures there rehearsing, and during the performance. If I succeed, I will put in here, obviously. For now, a few pictures on the trapeze are a small sample of what I did.


If you liked the pictures and you need some kind of photography, as you can imagine, I am a professional photographer. I am working mainly in Valencia, but go where needed. My email is and you can also contact me by Telegram or WhatsApp in 644459753

This post is also available in Spanish:

Circus photos by Archerphoto, photographer in Spain


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