Four Red Pictures

In case anyone had not noticed, lately when I have a lot of time, or simply I don’t feel like writing so much, I choose some photos I had previously edited and show them. In this case the criterion is the color red. Despite what one would have thought, I have not just jumped to display pictures of redhead models, but have opted for other things. In any case, I have pictures to show more red, so there will be similar posts in the future.

Four Red Pictures

The first photo is the wall of a grocery store near my home in Valencia. It has a red light. With bokeh, contrast and diagonal composition was, in my opinion, quite catchy.

In this case, a play about the legend of Tombatossals a mythical giant that contributed to the foundation of Castellón. The red light, as you can see, tinted everything, and the result is obvious.

At the port, some old machinery repainted in an indelicate manner may be attractive to photograph. Again, bokeh and light are important parts of the final result.

A clean new Ferrari to admire. I do not feel particularly proud to surrender to its charms, but sometimes a professional photographer is human. Sometimes.

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