Canon vs Nikon

One of the questions that turns the world and no solution is ” Which is better , Canon or Nikon ? The Canon vs Nikon debate itself has been occurring since the world began, or , in all honesty , about 20 years ago over now.

The fight actually is not absurd but the motivations of the discussion are. It would be reasonable if they might claim to really know if one is better than another, but overall this is a sterile debate on forums and bars where people try to justify because it is in either system .

Canon vs Nikon

Everyone who makes a decision about Canon or Nikon has to choose before knowing if he really prefers one or the other . When one has spent many years with either brand has probably acquired a series of lenses and maybe a flash that are incompatible with the rival brand.

In my case , I’m a big fan of Canon because in my years of doing photography reflex brand it has worked splendidly . I had a Nikon , not a reflex , and it was great, but when I decided to acquire a digital DSLR preferred to take advantage of the optical I had my old EOS 300 (which I retain and use occasionally ) so I could save a reasonable amount of money on lenses.

I found out later that the Canon cameras allow use by adapters, many manual lenses, while Nikon and other brands for a mechanical issue are allowed to use some less . But then again, that was a factor I discovered later and that it is only marginally interesting , because 99 % of people will not touch  a manual lens even with a stick .

Canon vs Nikon


Years later, while Nikon was doing some slightly better cameras, and then Canon released the EOS 5D MarkII , a DSLR that provided significant advantages in matters of value and , above all, a better video . Obviously, if all your gear is Canon you , you are happy and you buy one. And when Nikon camera then shows some improvement on these  same cresults, or that matches them but is more affordable , you feel so sorry because, of course , you cannot “undo your position ” without incurring significant losses.

Finally , the answer to whether it is better Canon or Nikon has an answer out on a tangent : does not matter . The differences are extremely small and often and has almost always been biased by the  the most striking  offer you can access to.

Now, both brands have an interesting advantage SLRs ( also called DSLRs ) but neither has maintained that remarkable advantage in the market for EVIL ( mirrorless cameras ), where Olympus Sony or Samsung seem to later. Experiments like the EOS M and Nikon 1 series do not have the full potential than other brands.

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