A free documentary about Edward Weston

Edward Weston was a key figure to understand photography in America. One of the most celebrated and appreciated photographers with a certain influence about the artists who came afterwards, Weston dedicated about 40 years of his life to the camera.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, moved to California when he was 21 where practised a wide range of disciplines, basically  landscapes, still lifes, nudes and portraits. Weston is one of most appreciated artists in photography, especially in America, where he worked, dedicating his interest to common things and landscapes. These common elements became interesting and aesthetically powerful through the eyes of Weston. Pumpkins, peppers, seashells… They were inspiring Weston, like waiting for him to create art from the vulgar, the ordinary, and letting him grow as an artist.

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Edward Weston: the greatest American photographer of his generation?


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