Images with Samsung S4: short review

Samsung S4

Images with Samsung S4


Everyone knows that Samsung makes great phones, and often people ask me about how good are their built-in cameras. Well, here is some data from S4, not the last phone the Korean company has launched in the market, but still a phone in the market.

Technically, the data are:

Backlit Sensor 13-megapixel
Lens: F2.2
ISO 50-1000 (100-800)
Image Ratio: 4: 3
2 Megapixel front camera
LED Flash
Video: 1080p 30fps
Simultaneous Dual Capture: front and rear cameras.
Filters and special modes
Digital Image Stabilization
4x Digital Zoom
Equivalent focal length on a 35mm camera: 31mm

I am not intending to write an S4 exhaustive review. It is true that the software used has some interesting features and some detail that I personally do not like it, However you can choose to install,among others, the implementation of Google for the camera so you can choose your favorite option.

The original application of the S4 allows manual selection of ISO and has other creative options: drama mode, which allows for multiple shots on the same picture, the dual mode, which triggers the front and rear camera simultaneously (null interest) Panorama mode (which itself is useful), Animated, which creates a GIF, Eraser mode, which is great for removing people is left in a picture, for example, to capture buildings when you are in tourist areas, night mode (do not ask me to explain it, come on), and finally the HDR mode, which allows fans of these photographs use it all the time. There is also a sport mode, which increases the shutter speed but, well, let’s just timely that improves outcomes.

There is a specific aspect of this camera is awkward: if by mistake you decided to activate vibration reduction, you won’t be able to choose the ISO value. It’s probably because the phone raises the ISO values when the algorithm considers it appropriate, so it has more speed available.

The camera quality is sufficient for the day and, as expected, much more loose at high ISOs: almost any compact will beat the Samsung S4 at night. The 13 megapixels are good, the optics are adequate, but the sensor size is still tiny.

The photos shown here have only been signed, without any further process, even levels, with the exception of the featured image (the pic with the lollipops was treated with LR).

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Images with Samsung S4

Fotos con el Samsung S4 Samsung S4, modo HDR

Images with Samsung S4

Images with Samsung S4, Night Mode

Samsung S4

Samsung S4

Samsung S4 Samsung S4, modo nocturno

Fotos con el Samsung S4


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