Samsung Galaxy S4: impressions

Some ideas about Samsung Galaxy s4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently the best mobile phone available. It feels great in your hands (perhaps you can read some reviews where people complains about a plastic feeling. Forget it. Take one in your hand and tell me), and gets you the feeling of a really great product. Innovative features like a real translator from voice to voice (it’s not perfect yet but it gets the work done), a wonderful big screen and great connectivity

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset, 2,600mAh battery, a 4,99 Full HD ” display, Gorilla Glass 3, LTE where available, Wi Fi, NFC, Infra red LED for remotes, nice sound, eye and motion tracking… A speedster, elegantly built, full of features, great to use and sporting the best camera in a real cell phone available (Nokia 808 is not really a mobile phone available worldwide). However, one of the most relevant updates in all the mobile phone is its new 13 Mpx backside illuminated camera, 31 mm equivalent, that gets stunning results. The camera is astonishing, but the software pack is also really interesting: of course, the Auto Mode is delivering great pics, especially sharp, due to a higher pixel count and convenient process, but there is new features.

Eraser Mode gets a 5 pic series in which the software will delete mobile elements like cars or people, getting great results for tourism pictures or simply for getting cleaner pics.

Frontal and back camera can work simultaneously for making dull pics with a stamp with our faces in it (Dual shot) or

Animated shot: you take a series of pics and camera animates only the moving parts. Eventually works.

Drama shot. You shoot a burst of pictures of something or someone moving. Keeping the background, the images are combined in a final pic with the moving subject appearing several times. Not a great feature.

Best shot. Shoot up to 8 pics, you choose the best, and camera will delete the rest. Useful.

Some pics shot with Samsung Galaxy S4. Reduced for convenience, but not edited.