Dreamhack Spain 2017: results and photos

It’s always worth going through big video games competitions. And more if you have them close to home, as was the case of Dreamhack Spain 2017 (it happened in Valencia again). This time I was not working for the Valencia CF eSports, which had just dissolved its League of Legends team. However the trophy of this competition was for @Elite_Valencia , another local team sponsored by a local specialized in electronic sports that achieved a historical triumph.

However, Evangelion was representing the football club. who had bad luck at the start and after two consecutive defeats, despite a good late streak could not pass the round. If I’m not mistaken, he was the only representative of Valencia CF.  , also a Spaniard, would end up doing the victory against the British  . The joy of this triumph was also contagious amongst fans.

Other competitions and results in Dreamhack

In CSGO NiPGaming won against the also Swedes @RedReserve and in Starcraft2 @ElazerSC2 beat Snute. TRUE and SpeCial were stuck in the semi-finals, which surprised lots of spectators.

In the competition of Smite we saw  winning 3-2 to  in the last match of Summer Finals.

And without more delay, some photos of the competition: there was oriental food, cosplay, contests and a huge LAN area, but it looked much less than the competitions, of course. I may reinforce this post with a video, but I can’t promise.

Dreamhack Valencia 2017: resultados y fotos - Dreamhack Spain 2017: results and photos
Finding the Hearthstone pairings sometimes required additional hardware.

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Dreamhack Spain 2017: results and photos

Valencia Dreamhack 2013

Valencia Dreamhack 2013

My first time in Dreamhack is a LAN party with focus in gaming. Valencia (Spain, UE) has had its second edition with 20,000 people, about three times the number of participants last year. 500 professional players and about 40,000 € in prizes. And popular casters such as Shaun ‘Apollo’ Clark and Dan ‘Artosis’ Stemkoski.

There’s been competitions in Starcraft II, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2, you can check results here. http://www.dreamhack.es/news/dreamhack-valencia12-esports-resultados/

Dreamhack -world’s largest computer festival, apparently- is replacing, somehow, the Campus Party events, but the interest of the gaming is undoubtedly less than all the science, design and entertainment Campus Party offered. Valencia had Campus Party for 15 years, so people in the city is very familiar with LAN parties and similar, but the limited gaming experience lacks of the most valuable innovation and thinking that Campus had. The event is placed in Valencia Fair, the same where Campus was during years.

As a matter of fact, there hasn’t been a very wide reportage: I was recording some video for a website, so I had very little time for shooting photos. However, here it is the result.


Dreamhack 2013 by Archerphoto
Dreamhack 2013 by Archerphoto


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