XV Valencia Fashion Week: 2013

Valencia has a fashion show that began with a huge boost when major events were regional government policy but, with the economic cutbacks, it has been losing a lot of thrust. Currently the concept is rethought to survive the crisis and having a a low budget  profile while promoting less known designers. The location seems to be permanently (kind of , you know) in the Agora of the City of Sciences Valencia.

The catwalk had, in previous years, names like Hannibal Laguna, Ion Fiz and the organizer, Alex Vidal, and there were discovered some designers that after dramatically projected: Maya Hansen and Juan Vidal, for example. There were also shining moments with the presence of Assaad Awad, Fidel David or Higinio Mateu.

XV Valencia Fashion Week by Archerphoto

XV Valencia Fashion Week

Currently, the , Valencia Fashion Week live on less glamorous but interesting moments: Alejandro Resta, Siemprevivas or Anillarte are outstanding values ​​right now, although it is expected that the level of the newcomers is adequate .

Here are some galleries of this edition of the Valencia Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014.

Alejandro Resta

Alejandro Resta - Archerphoto, fashion photographer Spain

[FAG id=883]





Juana Martín

Juana Martín - Archerphoto. professional photographer Spain

[FAG id=886]

Esther Noriega

XV Valencia Fashion Week

[FAG id=889]





María Cózar Couture

María Cozar backstage - Archerphoto, professional fashion photographer

[FAG id=896]






Valencia Fashion Week 2013 desfile Siemprevivas

[FAG id=898]






Patricia Adam

Patricia Adam - Archerphoto, professional fashion photographer Valencia Spain

[FAG id=900]






Guillermo del Mar

Valencia Fashion Week Guillermo del Mar

[FAG id=902]


Violeta en Anillarte, Valencia Fashion Week Primavera Verano 2014

[FAG id=892]






Javier y Javier

[FAG id=894]






Lucía Botella para Pepe Botella

[FAG id=888]






You can find the pictures from this edition- and also from former editions- on my Flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/archerphoto) if you have an account on that network and you want to follow me in a regular way. I am Sergi Albir, professional photographer. If you want fashion pictures, or you want to improve your portfolio, please contact me sergi@archerphoto.eu

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