Profile photos for Facebook

When you are a photographer, you tend to look exhaustively profile photos for Facebook. Sometimes I just can’t understand why anyone would hurt itself  with such a terrible image.

First option: hire a photographer

And it’s really unnecessary. You can have great pictures if you go to a good photographer. But it’s possible you just can afford one. However, think twice. It’s your image and it will appear in your profile thousands of times. It will determine, partially, the impression people gets from you.


So you’re sure you just can’t afford it. Then you just can choose among the pics you have or you can try to make a self-portrait. First option should be the best, because most people simply does not want to work for a while to get themselves a pic. But you need to have some common sense to choose one of that pictures someone did. As long as you won’t pay anyone to do it, please dedicate some time to pay attention to your eyes, your expression, your teeth and about if you really like that pic. If you go to the self-portrait, find your camera settings for auto-shoot.

Self portrait options in camera
Self portrait options in camera


Then you can have 2, 10, 12 seconds to pose. Do it all the times you need it. Forget the bathroom pics. Get a well illuminated place, get the camera in a safe place and find an adequate background. I prefer a non distracting one, but it’s your call.


Here you have similar counsel with really good fun.

If you want to take a look to my Facebook page, you will find some profile pictures I did for some customers and friends and also other pics. Have fun.

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