Landscapes 101

Landscapes by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain

Photographers are people who carry a camera way too often. So even when they are doing something else, it’s not strange they stop for a while and capture an image.

Landscapes 101

In my case, some of those landscapes can be stored during years. I classify my pictures and file them in the computer. If I am not in a hurry, they won’t be shown until I need to. The idea is having some material to display when I’m out of juice. It seems the moment: I am a professional photographer in Spain. I live in Valencia and it’s nice to shoot here, but I’ve got some pictures from Germany, Slovakia or United Kingdom in my PC. It’s not my usual business work, but it may be useful for finding some different material.



Short term visit, but the Danube was worth a shot. I’d like to come back and see the city with more time to enjoy.

Bratislava, Landscape 1010, by Archerphoto, professional photographer



For me it’s really captivating. Being there with a camera it’s having a great time. Architecture, people, food… It’s simply great. And you can see I have a thing for the rivers. Thames is also a charm.

London, by Archerphoto, professional photographer


Xàtiva (Valencia)

Over a mountain in a summer sunset. It was really hot and I came down on foot. I liked the result.




Mountains, and sky. I let the sea out of this picture.

Landscapes 101 by Archerphoto, photographer in Spain



Moraira (Alicante)

My old IXUS 40 was useful that day. Now I would have shot with my cell phone, but then…

Moraira, 2007


If you need to hire a photographer, well, you found the right guy. A mail (, Whatsapp, Telegram or phone call to +34 6444 5 9753. If you want to see more pictures, please visit my Flickr: Este mismo post en castellano:

Sky pictures

Actually, taking pictures of the sky is one thing that brings few benefits. If selling landscape pictures was already complicated, the thing became even worse since we see during the TV forecast,  photos they have asked viewers to send. Often the pics are good but they have never paid a single euro for them. So they keep asking: thousands of photos at no cost,. When you consider the cost of a minute of alternatives contents in television -for instance, a minute of Game of Thrones or Doctor Who-, those pics are an absolute bargain. So I have no intention of ever sending them. In fact, from my point of view, it seems unethical to engage in begging photos with the excuse that “people will see your pics and you’ll be popular,” because none of the photographers who are sending get any material benefits.

On the other hand, a pro photographer want his pics seen, so I have them here and in my Flickr account: .

Sky pictures

Sky pictures by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain
A small element, almost invisible, can alter the perception of the picture. Or perhaps won’t.


Professional photographer in Spain
Valencia at dawn
Sky pictures - Archerphoto, professional photographer in Valencia, Spain
Dusk it’s usually great
Sky pictures - Archerphoto, commercial photographer in Spain
Sky pictures, dramatic look
Sky pictures - Archerphoto, pro photography in Spain
Sky pictures















Now you’ve seen a few of  my pictures of skies. Valencia, mainly.

If you want to hire a professional photographer, you can contact me:, 644459753

I usually work in Valencia, but also in other parts of Spain and Europe. Although I’m sure at some point I will be taking pictures in America, specifically in Mexico. Working for companies, individuals and NGOs.

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